A dreamer, traveler and an avid reader, who refuses to be bogged down by day-to-day life, and hopes to spend all her time with her dogs and a few good books..

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Give Your Kids A Pet To Grow Up With. It Can Be One Of The Best Things You Do For Them

Growing up with a pet in the house can be a wonderful thing for kids. Here's why.

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No, It’s Not Okay To Ask Personal Questions

In India, even a mere acquaintance can ask a personal question. A woman writes why it is never okay to ask one, no matter how well-meaning the intentions are.

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The Day My Biggest Fear Came True

My biggest fear? I still sometimes wonder about the life that I left behind. What if I stayed and studied further?

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Is Kanyadaan Relevant Today?

Is Kanyadaan relevant today? Doesn't this concept revolve around ownership? Instead, let's teach our girls to be an equal in a marital relationship.

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I Will Speak Out For A Safe World For My Daughter

Street harassment is a daily affair. But should we let it be? Shouldn't we speak up against it? We must, for the the sake of our next generation, says the author in this post.

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It Is Time We Teach Our Girls It’s OK To ‘Touch The Pickle’

Why should Menstruation, the monthly shedding of a woman's uterine lining, be considered impure or a taboo in any way?

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Learning To Grow: The Gift Of Education

The gift of education is one that keeps on giving. Here's a story about unfair old customs, and how kindness and education help thwart them.

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