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Aarti Pathak

Former CEO and Editor of a web portal, Aarti is currently columnist at the esteemed defence magazine, SALUTE to the Indian Soldier. Also, Editor of 'Chicken Soup for the Indian Soul-Teen Talk Growing Up', she has been writing consistently for numerous leading print and web magazines for the past ten years.

Voice of Aarti Pathak

My 7 yo. Self Would’ve Never Expected It But Today, I Knead Dough Like Maa…

'How'd you do that maaaa? They’re beautiful! How does it bloat up into a ball like that? Doesn't the fire hurt you when you’re not using a chimta!?'

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Turn Lost Opportunities Into Life Lessons And Regrets Into Resolutions This New Year

How many other blessings have I had all along and pushed away for years? And how many had I missed out on or was shielding myself from?

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As A Long Distance Sibling, Bhai Dooj Is So Poignant For Me Now

The sibling bond is so precious - something we often realise only when we cannot meet our siblings everyday! A beautiful account of what Bhai Dooj means to this sister who lives away from her siblings.

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navratri story
My Boys Will Miss Their ‘Teekey Wali Bua’ This Navratri, But We Can Keep Memories Of Her Love Alive

The boys smiled. Carefully she opened it and put teekas for both of them, "to make up for all the navamis we’ve missed together" she said, eyes twinkling as always.

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