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Ardent reader | Writing freak | Argumentative nerd | Dreamer-makebeliever| Co-founder 'MANRAV' - an NGO| At other times, HR Professional, Speaker, Facilitator, Storyteller | In the list of "Top 100 HR professionals to follow on twitter" and "Top 100 power women influencers in India" | Winner of "TOI Write India"

Voice of Kena Shree

Merriment Vs. Maladies: What The Monsoon Meant Then And Now!

Do you have memories of being a carefree child splashing your way around during the monsoon? You'll love this post!

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She Taught Us To Live Life Queen Size, Even As Hers Ended! A True Story

A true story of a dear friend who passed away of cancer, and who taught us to live life queen size, even as she lost hers.

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An Ode To That Ubiquitous Feminine Accessory, The Handbag Or Purse That You Cannot Step Out Without!

Women's handbags and purses can be treasure troves, and something that we cannot envision stepping out without, no matter who we are!

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I’m Running The Harrowing Race Of Primary School Admissions. Wish Me Patience!

Primary school admissions in India are nothing short of a race for parents - and for their little ones too. A tragic-comic look at this farce of school admissions!

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Is It Enough To Celebrate Women’s Day? Shouldn’t We Be Walking The Talk For A More Equal World?

What are we, as women, actually doing at ground level to better the lives of women around us? It is high time we decide to do our bit.

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My Spectacled Life, Or How I Happily Grew Up With Glasses

A hilarious look at life as seen by the writer, from behind a pair of thick spectacles, from childhood to the rather cool present.

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30 Things That Show You Are A Woman In Her 30s

Here are 30 things that indicate you that you are a woman in her 30s. Check out the list below and tell us how many of them, you agree with.

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So You Think Women Want To Be Treated Specially? Here’s What I Think

Do women want to be treated specially? The author sets the record straight.

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