Travel The World With Kids: Delhi

In the ‘Travel The World With Kids’ series, we talk to mums from all over the globe who are interested in exploring the world with their kids! Time for Delhi!

In the Women’s Web ‘Travel The World With Kids’ series, we talk to mums from all over the globe who are interested in exploring their backyard attractions with their tiny tots! We hope you find them useful, if someday you choose to visit their part of the world. Presented in Q&A format, this one is with popular blogger, The Mad Momma from Delhi.

The administrative centre and the seat of power – Delhi, the capital of the world’s largest democracy. Peppered with historic monuments and filled with the hustle and bustle of a teeming metropolitan city, can kids be kept happy in Delhi? Let’s find out from The Mad Momma!

Hi Mad Momma! Do tell us a little about yourself.

I began blogging in 2006 and have been hooked since. A journalist and a mother of two, I’m always ready for a quick chat over a cup of chai or dashing off a quick blog post on something that matters to me. I love gardening and reading and believe I can never have enough of either.

What are your suggestions for parents visiting Delhi with young kids?

Delhi is one of the best metros for young children. I don’t believe in organized trips for young children so the hundreds of parks and the Ridge (green belt) are great options. Run around, get some fresh air, stretch your legs, play ball and soak up the sunshine and the ancient monuments. The 4-6 year olds can visit the Zoo, the Science Museum, the Rail Museum and even the Sulabh Toilet museum for a laugh. A metro ride is something the kids really enjoy, fascinated by the train going under and over ground.

What have been some of your favourite outings in Delhi with your kids?

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My children love the Deer Park in Hauz Khas. Feeding the ducks at Lodhi Gardens is another favourite. But Dilli Haat tops the list with its steaming hot momos, indigenous crafts where they always pick a handmade toy or catch a puppet or dance show. Other nice places are Rose Garden, Nehru Park, Jahapanah Forest and of course India Gate at night.

For tourists visiting Delhi for the first time, do you have any particular tips? 

Delhi is a beautiful city and has plenty for the tourist. Delhi Tourism has made it really, with the HOHO (hop on hop off) buses. Visit in winter or spring and make sure you take the ride (unless you have young kids who will tire). Avoid the malls and soak up the food in Old Delhi, the parks, gardens and forests in South Delhi and the shopping everywhere. There is a very convenient metro and you can take a ride on it just to get a taste of the city as well as hop on to the AC buses that are very clean and run at regular intervals. 

Any kid-friendly restaurants that you recommend in Delhi? 

Most restaurants are fairly child friendly so this really depends on your child’s tastes. I’d only recommend that people didn’t take the easy Golden Arch route in a city that has so much to offer. I’ve taken a 22 month old and a one month old baby to Chandni Chowk for parathas. We’ve eaten at Jama Masjid at midnight, and had golgappas on the street – but I realize that is not everybody’s err.. cup of tea. Plenty of restaurants have high chairs and kiddy corners. For example Chi (branches everywhere) has colouring sheets and crayons, Piccadelhi (Connaught Place) has clowns and music and a big bus, and Café Bel Cibo (Gurgaon) has an entire corner of toys, a blackboard and board games.

Are there any particular shopping areas in Delhi that you think kids will enjoy?

Shopping with kids is never pleasant for either party with the exception of Dilli Haat. They have so much to do that they let you shop in peace! There are plenty of malls where you can dump the kids in a kids’ area while you shop to your heart’s content, but I neither frequent nor recommend them.

What kid-friendly day trips out from Delhi would you suggest? 

A day trip to Damdama lake or Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary is fun. There are also plenty of water and amusement parks that you could take the children to. The Bharatpur Sanctuary and Sariska are also close enough for a night away.

Thanks Mad Momma for giving us a peek into Delhi!

*Photo credit: Bijoy Mohan (Used under the Creative Commons Attribution License)

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