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Reader’s Corner: With Meeta Sabnis

Posted: December 12, 2012

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In this Reader’s Corner interview, get to know more about Meeta Sabnis – the winner of our ‘Motherhood: A Song For Life Contest’.

Hi Meeta! Tell us a little about yourself.

I am a dreamer and however droll it may sound, I adore it. After bidding adieu to a very efficacious career with a leading software company, I am now a stay-at-home mom to my 5 yr old twins. My life totally spins around caring and nurturing my chipmunks and finding pleasures in watching them grow. I have always been fervent about writing but could not give the adequate time to cultivate the ideas. As my kids are now ‘big’ enough, I can afford to employ some time in carving my thoughts through my blog which I am totally obsessed with.

I wouldn’t think twice about strapping on a parachute and hurling myself out of that aeroplane, but I’ll shriek like a little girl when I see a lizard crawling on the wall. I am fanatic about cleanliness and can’t stand the nuisance and mess around. I am better off enjoying few other things than baking and cooking. I love driving, gardening, movies and good TV. Good food, chocolate ice cream and café mocha with extra whipped cream can really turn me on. I love to learn as long as it fascinates me and keeps me absorbed. I believe in one life and that it should be utilised in trying out new things and experiencing new places. I strive hard to live in the moment and find pleasure in life’s smallest things. I believe that I am perfectly imperfect but my neurosis is to be accused for it.

And lastly, my son and my daughter is my source that brings me total, unadulterated bliss and a contentment that life has to offer.

Do you have any life goals for yourself or anything that you think your life must include? 

Well, yes. I am a greedy human being. My goals and greed changes as per my convenience and literally with each passing day. While I was in the job, I craved for a successful career. Now that I am a stay-at-home mom, my goals are home centric. As I said earlier, I live in the moment and hence my expectations are also short-termed. Currently, I strive hard to give my kids a childhood they will feel proud of; an upbringing they will cherish for the rest of their lives and a camaraderie they will treasure throughout. My goal is to make up for every moment that I have lost on my professional life by ensuring that my home and my family are taken care of to my utmost abilities.

Talking about some materialistic goals, I wish to have a small and beautiful house by the sea-side at my birthplace, Goa. I would love to wake up each morning to the thundering sound of the waves and end each day with a long stroll on the beach with my husband.

Apart from this, I am thoroughly gratified with what life has offered me until now.

How far along would you say you are in achieving these? What would you love to have/achieve that you don’t yet have? 

This is really a tough question. Honestly, I don’t think that I am even an inch closer to achieving what I have mentioned above. Practically, I am quite a new mother; five years being a pretty short period. And while I try hard to ensure that I make full justice to the role I have chosen, I am still learning. And sometimes, I fail too. Hence, I am still quite far away from that ‘Hands-on Mom’ tag. But I am also assertive that I shall be there soon and I will do everything that it takes to make it.

The same applies to my other goal, as well. It will take another 10 years for us to save and invest in a property of my dreams.

Is your life today as you imagined it would be 5 years ago? If no, how is it different? Where do you want to be 5 years from now?

Why 5 years ago? My life is exactly the same way I always imagined it to be. I am so fortunate to have a life partner like Chetan who is more like my comrade than a husband and 2 most adorable kids who have filled my life with the supreme pleasure of motherhood.

I only wish that my Dad, whom I lost a few months ago, was still around. I miss him terribly.

I really don’t know about the next 5 years. I don’t trust in long term planning. I can only say that I want to be in the same ‘exultant space’ that I am currently in; in the company of my loved ones. I also hope that my writing appetite upsurges and I am able to commit a lot more time towards it than I currently do.

Do you believe that being a woman has made a difference to your choices and your life? 

I believe that being a woman is the best thing that ever happened to me. I was the first born in my family and my parents treated and pampered me like a princess. I am blessed that I never had to face any differences, either at home or in office while I was working, just because I am a woman.

In fact, being a woman has helped me use my feminine instincts to make certain decisions that I am extremely proud of.

Tell us one thing that you like about Women’s Web and one thing you think we could do better!

I like and appreciate the fact that Women’s Web makes women, like me, feel special. I am quite new to WW yet totally enthralled. Having spent the last 5 years in purely taking care of my home and my kids, I needed a platform to vent out my thoughts and feelings. Women’s Web gave me that platform. Winning the ‘Motherhood: A Song for Life’ contest packed me up with that self-assurance that I can write and I can write what others enjoy reading.

It’s too juvenile on my part to advice you guys right now. I feel that you are doing an extremely good job in connecting with women all over. This gives us an opportunity to contribute and also learn from the experiences shared. The articles published are very enlightening and can be easily linked with our lives.

Thanks WW for being there….for the ones like me!

*Photo credit: Meeta Sabnis.

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