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Posted: August 9, 2012

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Ritu Dalmia makes her mark in the food industry with lip-smacking delicacies, jazzy restaurants, intriguing TV shows and fascinating cookbooks.

She got engrossed in her family business at the age of 16, which took her to Italy. It was in Italy where she discovered her love for Italian cuisine and she started to learn the nuances. 6 years later, she launched MezzaLuna, her first restaurant that specialized in a fusion of Mediterranean and Italian cuisine.

Later she opened Diva an Italian restaurant in Delhi. Apart from Diva, she runs the Diva Café, Latitude 28 and Diva Piccola.

NDTV signed her up to host the show Italian Khana and she also has a series of cookbooks by the same name. Travelling Diva another Indian cookbook with recipes from all around the world was also recently published.

Ritu Dalmia was awarded the Order of the Star of Italian Solidarity by the Government of Italy.

Why we find her inspiring:

– For not only taking cooking outside of the Marwari kitchen but also boosting the popularity of Italian cuisine in India

– For being a strong woman who passionately follows her heart and does what she loves

*Photo credit: Atelier Magazine

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