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Like mother like daughter, Meher Pudmjee has kept up her mother Anu Aga’s legacy.

Like mother like daughter; Meher Pudmjee has kept up her mother Anu Aga’s legacy.

Maybe a sharp mind for business just runs in their family. When Anu Aga wanted to step down from leading the INR 3246 crore Thermax Ltd., it needed a strong individual to take the baton from her. And what better option than her daughter Meher.

Dubbed as a modern generation entrepreneur, Meher is an example of bright, young leaders of today, who know how to lead from the front. She completely deserved to spearhead the mammoth organization, once her mother retired and has managed to take Thermax to new heights.

Branching out to different countries, she has used her entrepreneurial skills to convert her mother’s dream into a reality and it was her dedication and diligence that resulted in the company’s expansion to countries like Russia, UK and the US. Meher Pudumjee has received critical acclaim and accolades from people and organizations of prominence and has also won the BS CEO Award for the year in 2007-08.

Why we find her inspiring:

– For not just being another spoilt, rich heiress

– For respecting her mother’s dream and turning it into a reality

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*Photo credit: Entrepreneur India.


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