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Posted: May 10, 2012

Anu Aga is a social worker and industrialist, who was the chairperson of Thermax Ltd, a multi-crore engineering solutions provider.

Anu Aga took over the reins of Thermax on her husband’s sudden death. The turnaround of her company was deemed almost impossible with share prices plummeting dangerously. But she persevered to bring about a full scale reform and successfully headed Thermax to become a global player of importance. She herself was soon ranked as one of India’s richest woman by Forbes.

Anu Aga was forced to endure another severe personal blow when her young son passed away tragically in an accident. Perhaps that is why she realizes the value of humaneness and upon her retirement, she turned her attention towards social work. She works closely with an NGO Akanksha and Teach For India, to bring about reform and social change. She was awarded the Padma Shri for Social Work and is also a member of the National Advisory Council (NAC). Recently she has been nominated to the Rajya Sabha.

Why we find her inspiring?

– For the supreme strength and determination she must possess to move on with her life inspite of the force of the double tragedy that life dealt her

– For taking over a stumbling business and steering it towards success and fame

– For using her experience and wealth to help the needy and the less fortunate

– For her confidence and empathy towards fellow human beings

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