How To Have A Good Summer

While the Indian summer is one long excuse to grumble about the heat, here are 5 fun things to do this summer.

While the Indian summer is one long excuse to grumble about the heat, here are 5 fun things to do this summer.

By Tranquil Samuel

(Before we get to the 5 fun ideas we have for you, do have a look at this video from Shopper’s Stop – who are the gracious sponsors of this post, and check out their summer collection).

What is it about Summer that makes us say with Russell Baker, “Ah, summer, what power you have to make us suffer, and like it.” Is it because, behind the dizzying heat and the mirages, there is also the promise of leisurely long cool drinks, beaches, songbirds and cool cotton clothing?

Summer, for many people stand for new beginnings – a new financial year, a new academic year, a fresh new start at the work place after a summer break, and for many people, a whole new wardrobe! Let this summer be a harbinger of all good things in your life – here are five pleasure-filled things to do while the heat is on.

Working out

“Oh no! In this heat?” Don’t be surprised at this suggestion. According to experts, working out in summers has more advantages. The days are longer in the months of April, May and June and this means more exposure to sunlight, which in turn reduces cravings for excess carbohydrates and other unhealthy foods. Energy levels also increases as days are longer and brighter. So, sweat it out, and think of the cool shower or the swim afterwards, as your reward.

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Cycling for leisure

Grab your bicycle and exile yourself into the gorgeous outdoors in the early summer weekend mornings. Collect colourful and fragrant summer flowers in the basket on your cycle. If you are lucky, you may just spot a koel singing in that heavy-laden Laburnum tree or see a blue Kingfisher dive into a muddy pond. “The marvel of Nature shaking off sleep and going to work,” as Mark Twain puts it, is a sight to behold – and add to that the sights of the milk van, the newspaper boy, the senior citizens going about collecting flowers for their puja – it is magical, almost like meditation.

If you have the time to linger, take with you some breakfast and have a solitary revel at one of your favourite spots. On your way back, buy fresh vegetables and fruits from early vendors.

A new wardrobe

Everyone loves the cool colours of summer. Make sure that you welcome summer in clothes and accessories that are comfortable, airy and easy on the eye. Avoid clothes made from corduroy, velvets, terry cloth, vinyl and leather. Also ensure that you get a good pair of sunglasses, a tote bag and comfortable sandals that breathe – plus a hat for protection from the sun.

Don’t forget some trendy and comfortable swimsuits as you will surely get an occasion to use them. Hit on the summer sales and get yourself great bargains!

Road trip

How about going on a road trip with a bunch of girlfriends? The men are great too, but then sometimes they end up doing everything for you, from reading the maps to changing the tyres.

Plan out the trip well. Make sure you have a dependable vehicle; this also gives many of us women a chance to familiarize ourselves with the basic mechanisms of a vehicle. Learning to change a tyre is invaluable for a trip like this; carry maps and learn how to use them. Make sure that you carry an emergency kit with you; drive sensibly and don’t forget to keep people at home posted – they care for you!

A road trip with friends is much more than seeing places at your own pace – it is also about bonding together, broadening your perspective and getting rid of prejudices. It is also about being unpredictable and spontaneous. So meet the adventure that presents itself, head-on. After all, “Zindagi na milegi dobara!”

Learn something new

The long summer days are ideal for learning a new skill. Learning a new language or learning to stitch or knit, maybe a short course in interior decoration? Now is also the time to learn that something else in your bucket-list – swimming. Go to a pool and learn this very pleasurable, useful activity which doubles up as an excellent exercise too. Children too enjoy playing in water, so this can be a very good family activity in the summer evenings.

Pic credit: Klearchos Kaputsis (Used under a Creative Commons license)



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