How To Defend Yourself From Attack

Posted: May 21, 2012

Self defense skills are becoming an attractive proposition for many women – with more women travelling and living alone, self defense skills often come in handy.

How often have you travelled on a bus or walked down a busy street to find a strange hand on your shoulder or chest? It’s an experience almost all of us are familiar with. As martial arts expert Ashwin Mohan says, it’s not just sexual – there is a lot of resentment about women being in public spaces which are seen as ‘meant for men’.

It’s not just public spaces – attacks on women happen in so-called safe spaces too, from people known to one. This video demonstrates some simple self defense skills that are a part of a larger self-defense course offered for women. Some of the tips are very simple and include things like being aware and using ordinary objects as weapons.

While the topic of violence is never funny, Ashwin Mohan has an easy, fun style that makes for easy watching. Stay safe!

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