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Flex The Workplace

Posted: August 15, 2010

Flexi-working is slowly gaining popularity. Share your thoughts on flexible work arrangements and your ideas on how to flex the workplace!

Women often drop out of work since they are the ones caring for children or the elderly. Flexible workplaces actually help women to focus better on work, since they don’t have to “choose” work over family.

(What is flexi-working and has it arrived in India? Read our story on how to make flexi-working succeed.)

We need more workplaces to start becoming flexible and family-friendly, and not just for women – more fathers want to be involved too.

That’s why we want you to tell us! 

What you need to do

Give us 1 specific suggestion on what an organization could do to offer greater flexibility at work. It could be related to HR policies, time arrangements, technology or anything else that helps employees manage their work-life commitments better.

How to do it

Use the comments box below. OR tweet us at http://twitter.com/womensweb. OR send a note to contests@womensweb.in. OR if you want to blog about it, paste the link in the comments box below. UPDATE: There is also a Flex The Workplace event page at Facebook where you can share your idea. (go have a look at some that are already up…)

Contest entries must be submitted between 16th August and 25th August 1st September (yes, we’ve extended the date by a week because news of the contest went out a little late, so we’d like more people to have a chance to participate). No strict word limit, but keep in mind, this contest is for a single, specific entry (1 entry per person). We suggest a maximum of 150 words. Ideas geared to the Indian workplace stand a better chance of winning.

What do you get? (AHA!)

The 2 best suggestions will get a one-on-one Fleximoms Career Advisory session. Whether you’re currently working or looking to rejoin work, it’s a great way to identify or re-examine your work and life goals.

The advisory session is face-to-face for those in the NCR region and over Skype for others. (The prize is transferable – so it will also make a great gift for a friend too.)

How will you use our suggestions?

Women’s Web and Fleximoms will be putting together a thought paper based on the great inputs we get from people like you. This will be freely available on our websites and will also be shared with people in the industry who could use these ideas to build better workplaces. {jcomments on}

Update: A Big Thank You to all those who participated! Entries are closed now, and we’ll be announcing the results shortly.

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  1. One of the most important things that we need in workplace is the ability to get our jobs done at the time that we can afford to do it. The most important challenge in this scenario becomes meetings and schedules. A good practice would be to keep team sizes small and also find out the team mates schedules and arrange for meetings on those times. the same goes for Work from home schedules as well. As long as everyone in the team is aware of each other’s work habits, it would be really easy to get the job done, which should be the ultimate goal.

  2. 1.Women should be allowed to take work home and complete it and submit it over the week ends like a Friday or Saturday.In fact this should be applicable to all employees,making it time bound , so that it gives flexibility to work from wherever u are and at a flexible time u choose. This would improve the quality of work and help women to manage the home as well as work timings better.
    2. There should be creche for women with small babies , so that the mothers have the comfort that they can feed the babies during the daytime while at work.
    3. Women often leave their careers when the family pressures of taking care of elders come in . So when such women try to get back to their careers, they should be considered by the companies for their capabilities , maybe give a refresher course , so that thy can take up from where they left.
    4. A forum where small entrepreneurs can join together and start a company or a boutique or shop depending on their skills.

  3. Wherever possible, promoting flexible working hours, work-from-home options and telephonic meetings will help. However, there are and will be jobs where this is less feasible. In such cases, I believe one of the things that bothers new moms is the difficulty of getting home in case of an emergency. Therefore, HR policies and benefits that make this simpler might be a good idea. For instance:

    * Relocation benefits for women moving to homes closer to the workplace.
    * A cab service for emergency home drops. Obviously, one needs to put in safeguards to ensure that this facility is not used all the time, but if used well, it might help.

  4. Women should be allowed to work from home so that at work they should not think of unfinished tasks and get the guilt of being an uncaring mother.
    Organizations should organize events or day outs at office for kids if they are scheduling a meeting on an off day /Saturday. And special women based health check /maintenance programs should be organized at work place to keep the working mother’s fit and health conscious.

  5. need the indian companies (esp non IT related concerns) to embrace technology more – simple stuff like accepting e mail approvals instead of signed memo’s ; more widespread use of blackberry ( GOI willing) ; video-conferencing etc…. these would make any organisation family friendly

  6. 1. Work from home facility
    2. Half day work facility for a few months after maternity leave
    3. Blackberry/equivalent facility to check mails/synchronize calendar/take calls on the go

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