Women’s Day is Not Just About Women!

So it’s Women’s Day!


Since morning, I have received many Women’s Day messages across various social media channels. However, I noticed one peculiar trend – mostly the wishes were made by women. Very few Women’s Day wishes were made by men. Moreover, in the evening, an event has been arranged exclusively for women.


I find it disturbing that the general perception around Women’s Day is that this day is ONLY about women. Men do not have anything to do with it. However, Women’s Day is never about celebrating the biological entity of women but about feminine ideologies, struggles, and rights. And who are we without our deserving male counterparts? Why can’t we celebrate those men too who are questioning, pushing, and resisting the perils of patriarchy?


After all, how can I deny the contributions made by my father, who ensured my proper education and a safe childhood? How can my professional accomplishments be just mine, when my husband ensures he stays back to take care of our child? How can I not celebrate all those male friends, colleagues, and acquaintances who helped me at various phases of my life? How can we not celebrate those male lawmakers, officers, and professionals who are relentlessly working so that we, the women, get a better, safer life?


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Ideologies never thrive on binaries. Fights are never won by creating division. Behind every ‘ism’ there is a band of believers. So let us not limit the celebration of Women’s Day to mere biological entities of women but all those who come together and point out misogyny, voice for women’s empowerment, and fight patriarchy. This Women’s Day, let us celebrate all women, men, kids, transgenders, pets, and nature – everyone who makes us feel proud as a woman.


Feminism, after all, is only a part of humanism! Let\’s dedicate this day to all those who are working today, for an equal, liberal, and better tomorrow.


Happy Women’s Day!


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