What Women Want!

Women women women..

What is it you want?

Why nothing is enough for you?

Why do you always scorn?

Your rights are in place.

You have benefits and legal aid.

Family support is constant

And your career is brilliant!

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Then why you are always on the edge?

Holding on to pain and suffrage!

Sometimes searing with rage,

Sometimes brimming with regret.

With a soft smile, the woman sighs!

Her smile barely reaches her eyes.

For she has learned the hard way to live

That her intentions will always be misconceived.

For she knows not how to express

The urge to be loved cared and respected!

Neither with diamonds nor with chocolates.

But with hands held close through pain and distress.

For she knows not how to explain

The pangs of guilt that kill her within.

Be it her meetings or her chores –

Her ‘not being enough’ is a constant scorn.

She tries hard, to put up a strong face,

As she hurries down through a desolate place

During the wee hours, on an empty lane

Wondering if something happens, will people blame her, yet again?

She is tired of trying every time

Making everyone believe her mind.

Not what others expect her to be.

Rather, what she dreams of becoming.

So now she stays silent and upright.

Lost in her thoughts but strong in her mind.

Working her way through the noise,

Growing, falling, and becoming one of her kind!


About the Author

Gargi Ghosh Das

I believe that words are the most powerful medium of expression that can reach the bottomless pit of our minds, thoughts and emotions. And in doing so, we can create a sisterhood of shared dreams read more...

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