Potato, You rock! And so do I!

Do you know which is the most versatile of all vegetables? That one item easily takes on the dominant flavour of the dish and makes it very own. Be it continental, Indian, Chinese, kids meal, family meal, or snacks – the one vegetable that features everywhere is – yes, you guessed it right! – It’s Potato.

No, today I am not writing about the benefits or harmful effects of having potatoes in your meals. I am no dietician and have no authority on that. I want to share the uncanny kinship I have with potatoes. As a woman, I identify with potatoes the most.

Now body-shamers will quickly conclude that I am referring to my body shape and size and hence the uncanny parallel. Although I claim to be no Deepika Padukone as far as figure is concerned, I  wouldn’t stoop down to draw such stupid parallels. My reasons are far more cerebral and sophisticated.

Let me explain why I relate to potatoes so deeply.

Firstly potatoes are grown underground. They stay close to their roots. Likewise, I am very rooted in my existence. I am an unapologetic 21st-century Bong girl – who takes pride in the Bong ethos. Rabindrasangeet lifts my spirits and Pheluda is the ultimate detective in the spy universe. Rashogolla runs in the bloodline and the political consciousness is fiercely vocal.

Secondly, potatoes effortlessly take the flavour of the dish. Be it mashed potato with your grilled meat, the potato in Kolkata biryani or the French fries with your burger, –  it just accentuates the colour, texture and appeal of the main dish without ruining the authenticity of the predominant element in the dish. I too take on various responsibilities in my life and execute them effortlessly. So much so that everyone’s problems become mine but not vice-versa. So while I share the professional stress of Mr. Husband or the academic goals of the child, my frustrations remain just mine. I manage, tackle, and handle others while coping with mine all alone. Such ‘potato-ish’ in nature!

The best of the potato comes in extreme heat – when you deep fry it and make the heavenly French fries/wedges/‘aloo bhaja’ (Bengali term for fried potatoes). I too deliver my best in the worst. The higher the heat ( problems, hurdles) the better my performance. Be it a family crisis, a health issue, or a career concern  – I take my best foot forward and deal with it till it’s over.

What a couch potato I am! My greatest joy lies in snuggling inside the blanket, with a hot cuppa and enjoying Netflix all the way! But of course, this is a distant dream, given the 24-hour relentless responsibilities I am obliged to execute. But, what I want to point out, is that even my dreams feature a potato – a couch potato to be precise!

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When are potatoes given their dues! I mean, it’s always a great BIRYANI, a lip-smacking BURGER or a perfectly GRILLED MEAT! The potato silently exists, accentuating the appeal and creating a wholesome culinary experience. It never expects compliments, nor does it get one. I too silently work, making everything hunky dory! My worth lies in meaningful existence and that is reiterated by my omnipresence in everything –  big or small  – in my family.

Who wouldn’t love to be the meat of the biryani or the cheese in the Burger? Who relates with a sidekick like a potato? After all meat, and cheese – get the spotlight and bask in the glory as everyone craves and glorifies it.

But again when have I craved recognition? Just like the omnipresence of potatoes – in every cuisine, I am the omnipresent but subtle component, in the journey of my family! I might not be always celebrated but I matter. A potato is happy being able to be part of a delectable dish. My greatest bliss lies in being the X-factor in the joyous and glorious journey of my family.


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