My First Solo Trip Was Liberating And Thrilling

As the trip day was approaching, my nervousness increased. The friend who has invited me was no longer performing in the band.

One morning, a friend called to inform me that the music festival was happening in Bir.

He wanted me to witness the event as he was participating.

The way he narrated the event excited me, and that was the moment I decided I had to go.

When I first heard about the place of occasion, I recalled that last year, I manifested my wish to go paragliding at the highest point in Asia. It felt like I received an opportunity to fulfill my dream.

Even after multiple calls of convincing from his side, I was perplexed as I had to travel solo to an unknown place. I tried to invite a few of my friends, but none agreed. There was a point when I almost dropped the idea of going.

Solo traveling is a concept that comes with many questions for a woman. I, too, had my agony and thoughts. But my mind got stuck at paragliding, and my inner soul, that believed in manifestation, was not ready to accept not going on this trip.

After thinking for many days, I finally registered for the event with the thought of the first solo trip. Finally, I booked tickets, conveyance, and accommodation. As the trip day was approaching, my nervousness increased. I was almost on the verge of canceling the trip. I convinced myself by reminding myself of the strong woman image and packed my bags for the adventure.

It was my first solo trip, so I had to go with all the necessities as the mountains are less likely to fulfill every need than in cities. The beauty of the hills invites you for peace, leaving behind the hustle, with no traffic and no hurry to deliver groceries in six minutes.

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The day to board the bus arrived, and I started my journey to Bir, hoping to explore and live the adventure. How did I miss adding that the friend who invited me left the band and was not performing in the event, so the solo trip idea became real to vibe with strangers?

I arrived at Bir bus stand, and the journey started with meeting people who came for the event. Walking, talking, and primary introduction happened until we reached the event location. I met with organizers, and connected with everyone.

People in the mountains are warm and welcoming. I was shown my accommodation by the owner. I freshened up for the first day of the event but I did not know what the day awaited.

One girl already occupied the room, and meeting her for the first time did not give me a strange feeling. We introduced each other and expressed our excitement about the place and what we planned to do there. One thing that was common between us was the desire to go paragliding. We laughed and talked until we went to the event. The decorations and the arrangements were excellent. I met new people and found we shared similar interests. It led to endless conversations and discussions about books and traveling.

Since it was my first solo trip, everybody was in awe of me, and I also met other solo travelers. It was fun meeting new people. Soon, the solo expedition became a group journey. I had three days and two nights, so I planned my paragliding adventure for the second day. We ended the day with stargazing. I slept early to wake up on time for paragliding to make it the best experience. But God had other plans, and it was cloudy when we woke up.

The paragliding trainer joined me and suggested waiting for some time. As soon as the sun was up, we could have an adventurous flying experience. We prayed for the sun to show up, and finally, we saw the first sunshine falling on the starting point of paragliding.

While preparing for the flight, everything went well. As soon as I stepped for the final run, I slipped and got dragged before leaving the floor. As I left the surface, I realized that one of my shoes got dropped as the memoir for flying site to remember that I was there. Later, another trainer brought my shoe to the landing site.

It was my first adventure sport, and it increased my confidence. Once you manifest or decide something, you can do it with a push to yourself. Be the self-motivator. This trip gave me many friends who are still in touch with me. Of course, being a woman, you should be more mindful while traveling alone. But try it for once, and you will get addicted to traveling alone, feeling liberated and exhilarated.

For all women, traveling is rejuvenating. Plan your next trip with yourself and make new connections.

Image Source: A still from the film Qarib Qarib Singlle

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