30 Women Entrepreneurs In India

Here is a complete list of women entrepreneurs in India who are achieving their dreams and making India proud internationally!

In the diverse tapestry of India, from its busy cities to peaceful countryside, there are remarkable women entrepreneurs in India.

They’re not just names or numbers; they are women with big dreams, determination, and courage. Here is a complete list of 30 women entrepreneurs in India who are achieving their dreams and making fellow Indians proud internationally!

These amazing women entrepenuers from Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore and multiple small towns of India, have turned into a global sensation. They have not only carved out a niche for themselves but have also paved the way for future generations of women to follow their entrepreneurial dreams.

Why having women entrepreneurs in India matters so much?

From technology and healthcare to fashion and finance, these women entrepreneurs in India have carved their own paths to success, garnering recognition from esteemed platforms such as Forbes and Times.

In a country where tradition meets modernity, these women are making their own unique stories. Join us as we explore the lives of these amazing women entrepreneurs.

Discover their journeys of ambition and innovation, and how they are changing not only India’s economy but also what it means to be a woman in business.

Who are the top 30 women entrepreneurs in India?

Welcome to the world of India’s fearless female trailblazers, where every woman can find inspiration. Here are 30 women entrepreneurs in India who are leading the country.

Neha Narkhede

Co-founder, Confluent

30 Women Entrepreneurs In India: Neha Narkhede

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Neha Narkhede, a notable tech entrepreneur co-founded Confluent, a prominent cloud company. She played a pivotal role in crafting the open-source messaging system Apache Kafka as LinkedIn Software Engineer. In 2014, Neha and two other LinkedIn peers left to establish Confluent, aiding enterprises in processing extensive data.

Originally from Pune, India, she pursued computer science at Georgia Tech and currently mentor’s numerous tech startups. In March 2023, Neha introduced her latest venture, Oscilar, a fraud detection firm, where she also holds the position CEO. Her accomplishments have earned her coveted spots on Forbes lists, including the 2018; World’s Top 50 Women in Tech.

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Meghna Agarwal

Co- founder, IndiQube

30 Women Entrepreneurs In India: Meghna Agarwal

Meghna Agarwal’s journey as an entrepreneur covers more than 15 years. She is the Co-Founder of IndiQube, a major flexible workspace startup in India. Her story shows how she bravely challenged norms and faced difficulties. Starting her first business when she was just 25, she ventured into areas like automated hiring, manufacturing, and commercial real estate.

Vineeta Singh

Co- founder & CEO, SUGAR Cosmetics

30 Women Entrepreneurs In India: Vineeta Singh

SUGAR has a real presence in more than 130 cities in India, with over 2,500 places where you can find it. In 2015, Vineeta Singh started SUGAR cosmetics with her husband. This was her third time starting a business.

Even though she had a job offer that could pay her ₹1 crore, she chose to become an entrepreneur after studying at IIT-Madras and IIM-Ahmedabad. One of her other startups, FabBags, is a grooming service and was created in 2012.

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Suchitra Ella

Co-founder & MD, Bharat Biotech International

30 Women Entrepreneurs In India: Suchitra Ella

Suchitra Ella, the Co-Founder and Managing Director of Bharat Biotech International, a powerful example that technology and innovation can empower women. She played a crucial role in introducing India’s own vaccine, COVAXIN. Suchitra has been a prominent figure in India’s mission to provide vaccines.

Over time, Bharat Biotech has supplied vaccines worldwide for various diseases like hepatitis B, H1N1 flu, rotavirus, Japanese encephalitis, rabies, chikungunya, zika, and even the world’s first vaccine combining tetanus and typhoid protection.

Falguni Nayar

Founder and CEO, Nykaa

30 Women Entrepreneurs In India: Falguni Nayar

Falguni Nayar, the CEO and Founder of Nykaa, a brand that harnessed India’s expanding beauty industry alongside the surge in e-commerce, courageously quitting her thriving career as an investment banker to forge her path as a self-made India’s billionaire businesswoman.

Earning the title of India’s wealthiest female entrepreneur as she steered Nykaa’s journey to a public in 2021 and expanded its footprint to the UK, US, and Mauritius in 2022. Her remarkable distinction lies in inspiring countless women to pursue their entrepreneurial aspirations.

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Radhika Aggarwal

Co-founder & CBO, ShopClues

30 Women Entrepreneurs In India: Radhika Aggarwal

Radhika Ghai Aggarwal presently serves as the Co-founder and Chief Business Officer (CBO) of the e-commerce platform ShopClues, which was founded in 2011 with a mere 10-member team. Notably, she holds the distinction of being the first female Co-founder in India to lead a company into the coveted Unicorn Club.

Her remarkable achievements have garnered numerous awards and widespread recognition. Radhika’s visionary leadership has been instrumental in ShopClues’ growth from its modest beginnings to becoming a prominent player in the e-commerce landscape.

Sulajja Firodia Motwani

Founder and CEO, Kinetic Green

30 Women Entrepreneurs In India: Sulajja Motwani

Sulajja Firodia Motwani, the Founder and CEO of Kinetic Green, embodies a visionary spirit that has driven her success. A trailblazer in India’s automotive industry, she transformed the traditional Kinetic Engineering business into Kinetic Green, focusing on sustainable mobility solutions.

Sulajja’s leadership has propelled Kinetic Green to the forefront of e-mobility, earning her accolades like the Economic Times Most Promising Woman Leader’s award. Her journey exemplifies how business acumen and a commitment to sustainability can shape industries and impact society positively.

Upasana Taku

Co- founder, Chairperson & COO, MobiKwik

30 Women Entrepreneurs In India: Upasana Taku

In 2009, Upasana Taku started MobiKwik with a goal to change how people make digital payments in India. Back then, digital payments weren’t common at all. She’s also the COO and Chairperson of the company.

She studied engineering at Punjab Technical University and got a Master’s Degree in Management Science and Engineering from Stanford University. With more than 17 years of experience in related areas, she used to live in the United States but came back to India in 2008 with a vision to make a difference in society.

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Priyanka Gill

Co-founder, The Good Glamm

Priyanka Gill:30 Women Entrepreneurs In India

Priyanka Gill, the Co-founder of The Good Glamm, is a prominent figure in the beauty and lifestyle industry. Her journey reflects a passion for empowering women through content and commerce.

The Good Glamm, a platform focusing on beauty and wellness, showcases Priyanka’s dedication to creating a positive impact. With a background as freelance writer, Priyanka’s innovative approach combines storytelling with commerce, fostering a community of informed consumers.

Aditi Bhosale Walunj

Founder & CVO, Repos Energy

30 Women Entrepreneurs In India: Aditi Walunj

Leading the way with their startup Repos Energy is Aditi Bhosale Walunj, who embraces a mission to minimize carbon footprints even within the realm of conventional fuel. The company’s vision is to consolidate various types of fuels under a single roof while revolutionizing energy distribution through technological innovation.

Their goal extends tocreating an economically efficient business model. The venture, initiated in 2017 with Ratan Tata’s guidance, began as a project that has since evolved into a dynamic enterprise under Aditi’s leadership.

Ghazal Alagh

Co-founder & CIO, Honsana Consumer

30 Women Entrepreneurs In India Ghazal Alagh

Ghazal Alagh stands out as a dynamic entrepreneur and the Co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer (CIO) of Honsana Consumer. Her journey within the business realm is characterized by innovation and a strong desire to create a positive impact in the lives of consumers.

Presently, within the Honasa Consumer portfolio, the couple manages six brands: Mamaearth, The Derma Co, Aqualogica, BBlunt, Dr Sheth’s, and Ayuga. Ghazal’s accomplishments include being recognized as part of Business World’s 40 under 40 and being awarded Women Entrepreneur of the Year 2021 by Entrepreneur India.

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Meena Ganesh

Co-founder & Chairperson, Portea Medical

Meena Ganesh 30 Women Entrepreneurs In India

Meena Ganesh’s journey as a successful entrepreneur is truly inspiring. She is the Co-founder and Chairperson of Portea Medical, a prominent healthcare startup. Portea offers home healthcare services, enabling patients to receive medical care in the comfort of their homes.

Meena’s business acumen goes beyond Portea Medical. She has been actively involved in nurturing startups and supporting innovation in the Indian startup ecosystem. Her expertise and insights have made her a sought-after mentor and advisor for numerous budding entrepreneurs.

Somdutta Singh

Founder, Assiduus Global

Assiduus Global Somdutta Singh

Assiduus Global is a one-stop growth engine that enables brands to scale and attain success on e-commerce marketplaces. Somdutta Singh, Founder of Assiduus Global, wears multiple hats – serial entrepreneur, angle investor, bestselling author and philanthropist.

She studied at MIT and she’s the first in her family to start a business. She has been presented with multiple awards, and has had two highly successful multi – million dollar exits in corporate world before she founded Assiduus Global.

Indra Nooyi

Former CEO of PepsiCo, Consistently Ranked in Forbes’ Most Powerful Women List

Indra Nooyi served as the CEO of PepsiCo from 2006 to 2018, where she drove the company’s transformation into a global food and beverage giant. Under her leadership, PepsiCo diversified its product portfolio to include healthier options, emphasizing sustainability and nutrition.

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Ritu Kumar

Founder of Ritu Kumar Fashion House

Ritu Kumar is the founder of the Ritu Kumar Fashion House, a renowned and iconic name in the Indian fashion industry. Her journey in fashion began in the late 1960s when she started designing boutique pieces that blended traditional Indian textiles and craftsmanship with contemporary styles. Kumar’s revival of traditional Indian textiles and craftsmanship has made her a global fashion icon.

Nita Ambani

Founder of Reliance Foundation, Owner of Mumbai Indians

Nita Ambani is the founder and chairperson of the Reliance Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Reliance Industries, one of India’s largest conglomerates. Additionally, she is the owner of the Mumbai Indians, a popular franchise in the Indian Premier League (IPL) cricket tournament.

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Aditi Gupta

Founder of Menstrupedia

Aditi Gupta Women Entrepreneur In India

Aditi Gupta’s Menstrupedia has made substantial strides in breaking the silence and stigma around menstruation in India. Through comics and educational materials, she empowers girls with knowledge and confidence.

Her advocacy for menstrual health has been instrumental in promoting gender equality and women’s health education in India and beyond.

Anita Dongre

Founder of House of Anita Dongre

Anita Dongre:30 Women Entrepreneur In India

Dongre’s sustainable fashion brand has redefined the Indian fashion industry. Anita Dongre, a renowned fashion designer, founded House of Anita Dongre, known for its sustainable and eco-friendly fashion. She has played a significant role in redefining Indian fashion by promoting ethical and environmentally conscious practices.

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Vandana Luthra

Founder of VLCC Health Care Ltd

30 Women Entrepreneur In India: Vandana Luthra

Luthra’s wellness empire spans beauty, health, and fitness, with a global reach. Vandana Luthra founded VLCC Health Care Ltd, a wellness and fitness empire. Her company offers a range of beauty, health, and fitness services, contributing to holistic well-being.

Ekta Kapoor

Joint Managing Director and Founder of Balaji Telefilms

Ekta Kapoor: 30 Women Entrepreneur In India

Ekta Kapoor is the Joint Managing Director and founder of Balaji Telefilms, a leading Indian entertainment and television production company. She has been instrumental in producing popular television shows and digital content.

Priyanka Chopra Jonas

Founder of Purple Pebble Pictures

Priyanka Chopra Jonas Women Entrepreneur

Chopra Jonas is making her mark as an entrepreneur in the global entertainment industry. Priyanka Chopra Jonas, a global icon and actress, founded Purple Pebble Pictures, a production company that focuses on promoting regional and diverse storytelling in the entertainment industry.

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Richa Kar

Co-founder of Zivame

Richa Kar Zivame: 30 Women Entrepreneur In India

She is from Jamshedpur, India. She holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering. She founded the company in 2011 with the aim of revolutionizing women’s lingerie shopping in India. Under her leadership, Zivame has grown to become a prominent player in the e-commerce and fashion sector.

Divya Gokulnath

Co-founder of BYJU’S

Divya Gokulnath Byju's 30 Women Entrepreneur In India

Divya Gokulnath is the co-founder of BYJU’S, one of India’s leading online education platforms. Under her leadership and vision, BYJU’S has gained immense popularity and has become a go-to platform for students seeking interactive and effective digital learning solutions.

Ankita Gaba

Co-founder of SocialSamosa

Ankita Gaba: 30 Women Entrepreneur

Ankita Gaba is a successful entrepreneur in the field of marketing and consulting. Ankita Gaba is widely recognized as the co-founder of SocialSamosa, a popular digital marketing and social media news platform. She has played a significant role in helping businesses and professionals navigate the ever evolving landscape of digital marketing and social media.

Ananya Birla

Founder of Svatantra Microfinance

Ananya Birla 30 Women Entrepreneur

She hails from the renowned Birla family and has pursued education both in India and abroad. Ananya Birla is the founder of Svatantra Microfinance, a pioneering microfinance institution that focuses on empowering women in rural India by providing financial services. Her dedication to entrepreneurship and finance has made her a notable figure in the sector.

Kiran Mazumdar

Founder and Executive Chairperson, Biocon

Kiran Mazumdar Shaw: 30 Women Entrepreneur In India

Leading India’s biotechnology aspirations, Kiran Majumdar-Shaw played a key role in establishing Bengaluru as a hub for biotech innovation. At the age of 25, she founded Biocon in 1978. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw exemplifies what many young women and girls aspire to be today: an entrepreneur who is self-reliant and forward-thinking.

As women strive for their rightful place in the economy and society, she continues to inspire and set an example. Featured in BusinessWorld, women hold about 18 percent of leadership positions in Biocon’s workforce.

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Dhanya Rajendran

Co-founder of The News Minute

Dhanya Rajendran The News Minute Women Entrepreneur

Dhanya Rajendran is a respected figure in the field of media and journalism. Dhanya Rajendran co-founded The News Minute, a digital news platform that covers news and stories from South India. Her commitment to ethical journalism and providing quality news content has made The News Minute a reputable source of information in the media industry.


As we celebrate the achievements of these awe-inspiring women entrepreneurs in India, let their journeys inspire us to break the shackles of convention, to dream bigger, work harder, and persist even when the odds seem insurmountable.

Their stories aren’t just about profit margins and market shares; they are about dreams nurtured against all odds, about ambitions that soared higher than the tallest peaks of the Himalayas. They remind us that gender is no bar when it comes to chasing one’s dreams and making them a reality.

For in their stories, we find not just success but a testament to the undying spirit of women in India, a spirit that knows no bounds and, when given wings, can soar to the greatest heights.

These 30 women entrepreneurs in India have not just built businesses; they’ve built legacies, and in doing so, they’ve shown us that every woman in India has the power to be a trailblazer, a game-changer, and a true entrepreneur of life.

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