Shreya smiled and posed sexily. The paparazzi wanted her snaps. Just as she hurried up, she was surrounded by fans for an autograph. After all, her first “just released” movie was a super hit.

All she yearned to do was to hurry home. However, her publicity agent gave her a stern glance. Putting on the false smile on her face again, she began signing the autographs and posing with her admirers. Finally, after she had satisfied her last fan, she hurried to the green room. She removed her diamond ear rings, necklace and bracelet, threw the high heels and cast-off her sensual red gown.  She washed off her makeup and putting on a salwar suit, hurried to her car.

When she reached home, she was just the mother of her little child of two, who was suffering from thalassemia. The money she earned would be highly useful for his treatment.


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