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Bringing your child into the world is a big responsibility. Kids need an undivided attention for most of the time during their growth years. As mothers, we try to be there at their side every time; we have our set of reasons for the same! Sometimes to ensure they are not being bullied, to make them feel confident and secure, to protect them, to make things easy for them; The list is endless! But long back, somewhere I had read, that there are 3 crucial moments when kids (till age 6-7 years) need your 100% attention daily.

1) When they wake up in the morning: There is a possibility that they have had a bad dream, and pieces of it are still registered in their brains. Wake them up with a gentle touch and warm hug, that will help them forget about the bad dream.

2) Once they are back from school: There might have been some incident that might have inappropriately bothered them. You caressing them will make them feel free to share what happened. Also don’t forget to ask them, “How was your day?”, “What did you do at school today?”

3) When they are just about to sleep: Be with them when they are about to sleep. Sing mild songs or tell them stories that represent life skills like being kind, helpful, generous, honest, etc. The feeling of receiving attention helps them feel like everything is absolutely fine and they will ultimately get a peaceful sleep.

Apart from these, there are many other moments where attention and touch make them feel safe and relaxed. When they aren’t doing well, always let them know that they will be fine soon. They need to rest and you are there to take care of them. When they have exams, try being in a lighter mood, they are already stressed. When you sense that they have had a bad day make them feel that it’s okay to have bad days, one bad day does not mean being sad for a whole lifetime.

These small tips I got to know when I was reading about child psychology and mental health for kids. At times, there are things that we might not feel are big, but the same things may be bothering them, or maybe like an obstacle for them. Make sure you have a bond that makes them feel free to share it with you.


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