Breaking Free from Guilt

Breaking Free from Guilt


Women tend to feel guilty for a lot of things they shouldn’t, sometimes for indulging in activities they enjoy, and at times for sacrificing what they truly desire. Wondering why? The answer is our fear of being judged.


Here are a few things you should never feel guilty about:


Hiring help: It’s perfectly fine to hire assistance for cooking or household chores. Sometimes, we all need a little support at home. Prioritizing your mental well-being and physical health is crucial. There’s no need to pressure yourself into tasks just because your mother used to do them. While the previous generation did it all, managing home, work, and cooking, if you can juggle everything, great! But if not, seeking help is a valid option. Don’t let guilt hold you back.


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Not Giving Up On Your Dreams: Women often carry guilt when pursuing their dreams, whether it’s further education, work-related travel, or relocating for a job. The excess guilt stems from the way we’ve been conditioned to prioritize others’ happiness over our own. Your own happiness matters too. Don’t succumb to the pressure of meeting others’ expectations. Your dreams are important, and pursuing them shouldn’t make you feel guilty.


Having A Career : Newlyweds or new mothers often feel guilty about prioritizing their careers over family responsibilities. Questions arise about leaving a small baby, managing household chores, and caring for the family while working. These feelings arise from societal conditioning, where women are expected to excel in all roles, often at the expense of their careers. If you choose to focus on your career, don’t let guilt consume you. Your career choices are just as valuable, and you’ll appreciate them in the future.


Establishing Boundaries in Relationships: Boundaries are crucial in any relationship, whether it’s with your partner, siblings, parents, in-laws, or extended family. Having boundaries means that while others can share their opinions, your choices are respected.


Not Following Society Trends: Whether it’s fashion, relationship choices, or decisions about having children, the choices should be your own. Don’t feel obligated to marry at a certain age or have children just because everyone else is doing it. It’s absolutely acceptable to march to the beat of your own drum. Choosing your path over societal norms shouldn’t be a source of guilt.


Remember, it’s alright to let go of guilt and embrace your choices. Your happiness and well-being are just as important as anyone else’s



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