What Men Want

It is often said that you cannot understand what women want, but with careful listening and keen observation it’s possible, because women tend to be more expressive about their feelings. On the flip side, men, in general, are not as expressive about their emotions, making it somewhat tricky to figure out what exactly men want.


So, let’s delve into the subject of “What Men Want.”


Clear Communication: Men aren’t typically great at picking up on hints. If you want your guy to comprehend what you’re going through or what you expect from him, it’s best to communicate directly rather than beating around the bush. Being clear and open helps strengthen the bond in a relationship and keeps both partners happier.


Avoid Dictatorship: No one likes being told what to do and what not to do, and men are no exception. While men often have a carefree approach to many things, there are times when they need clear instructions. However, it’s important to maintain a polite tone, even if you’ve had to repeat the same instructions a hundred times. Men can get irritated when someone raises their voice.


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Ask Them: Expecting a man to clean dishes with the same enthusiasm as you do might be unrealistic. Men and women have different perspectives, and that’s perfectly fine. If you want them to handle certain chores, ask them directly, provide a timeline, and things will likely get done. If they forget, simply remind them without losing your temper.


Provide Feedback, Not Criticism: When you love someone, you naturally want them to treat you kindly, especially during rough patches in life. People have bad days, make mistakes, and face failures. Instead of criticizing them, offer constructive feedback on how they can improve. Constantly pointing out their flaws can be counterproductive.


Keep Things Between You: In every relationship, there are phases when you might not like each other and find faults in your partner. During such times, women often confide in friends and family to vent their frustrations. However, this can be unhealthy in the long run. When you eventually reconcile with your partner and view them positively again, those people you involved in your disputes might still hold a negative perception of your partner. This can potentially damage your relationship over time.


Understanding each other’s wants is important for a healthy relationship, and good communication is the key. Being kind to each other is essential for building and maintaining a thriving relationship.


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