My Long Distance BFFs

Once upon a time, there were five young girls filled with dreams, eagerly looking ahead to their promising futures. They believed that even as they graduated, one thing would never change: their friendship. They thought they’d be inseparable forever.


As their last college semester drew to a close during the farewell party, reality struck them hard. They understood that life would be different once they left the college grounds. They would remain friends, but they wouldn’t see each other every day. Tears welled up in their eyes as they hugged tightly that night, not wanting to part ways.


Life, as they say, has its twists and turns. Three years in the same class, studying, skipping classes, and partying together—it was time to move forward. Some of them left the city for further studies, while others got married and relocated to different countries. Life was no longer the same. The girls who were once inseparable found it increasingly difficult to meet. Despite numerous phone calls and discussions, they felt a void in their hearts. When you move on, you meet new people and make new friends, but they can never replace those soul-friends who know you inside out, with whom you can be your true self.


The silver lining was that all their families still resided in the same city. They tried to coordinate their visits, creating opportunities to catch up. These reunions were filled with joy, spending time with your best friend after a long separation. There was so much to share, so much to talk about. Even a whole day together wasn’t enough. Meeting their best friends transported them back to the good old days, making them wish they could relive that period of their lives.


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Time flew by, and they grew older, securing jobs and starting families. Some of them even had children. It became increasingly challenging to meet up as their schedules diverged. Work demanded their attention, and their new families needed them. Every phone call or video chat ended with, “Let’s meet up, guys,” but plans were often forgotten in a matter of days. Living a life without the people who meant the world to them was painful. Still, they all moved forward, their love undiminished, even if they hadn’t seen each other in years. Casual video calls that stretched into hours maintained the laughter, love, and sharing. No amount of distance could separate their hearts.


Now, it’s been 18 years of friendship—a bond that endured many trials and tribulations. They remained tightly knit, ensuring that their hearts would never part until death separated them. It’s a lifelong connection they’ll cherish, passing down stories about their wild antics to their children and friends.


Maybe one day, when they’ve fulfilled all their responsibilities in their 50s, they’ll plan a trip together and relive all those crazy adventures. They have faith that even at 50, their friends are still the same wild, spirited girls they met in college.


Until then, they’re grateful for technology, for keeping them connected across the miles.


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