Anjali’s Choice

She looked at her watch and scoffed. He still had no idea what she wanted and probably never would; since the past two years it was the same thing. Every day.  Every evening.

Anjali has been married for two years, and some things still haven’t changed in the Gaurav household. Her marriage is predictable and her husband is indifferent to her needs. Read Anjali’s story to see what happens.

Anjali lay there looking at the ceiling while she waited for him to finish. Every day it was the same.

She came back from work and sat in the room in front of the mirror. She took off her bindi and bangles.  She looked at herself, turned her head left and then to the right. She quirked her lips to the left, then as though out of a trance, shook her head, stood up quickly, removed her sari and changed into a short skirt and a cropped top.

He liked her like this, in western wear and casually sexy looking. He walked into the room and bolted the doors, satisfied that no one else was outside. He looked at her, went to her lifted her skirt and laid on top of her. He grunted a few times and came.

She looked at her watch and scoffed. He still had no idea what she wanted and probably never would; since the past two years it was the same thing. Every day.  Every evening.

She pulled her skirt down and got up off the bed. She removed her skirt and top, made it into a bundle and put it in the basket. She wore her sari, her bindi, her bangles as fast as she could.

He stepped out of the room.

“Hello son, how was your day? You must be so tired.”

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“Anjali! Come soon and make some tea for your husband and a snack.  He’s just come back from work.” Are you sleeping?!”

Anjali stepped out the room and looked at her mother in law.  Her lip curled a bit in annoyance as she bent down to take her blessings.

“No ma I just came home myself and I’ve had a long day.”

“Never mind, get my jaan something to eat. That samosa you made was very good but don’t give him yesterday’s food.”

Anjali went into the kitchen and made a snack, gave it to ‘Jaan’ and sat down.

“Anjali! You better start dinner soon. Papa ji will be home in an hour.”

Anjali got up, looked at her husband who just stared at the TV, eating his snack. She tilted her face as though imploring him to speak up for her, for a change- today of all days.

“I’ll throw out the garbage ma and then I’ll start.”

Anjali took out the trash, went downstairs, kept it in the recycling bin, walked out the gate and into a white SUV. She never returned home.


Anjali had been seeing this man she met at a coffee shop where she had stopped in the mornings before work. They got to talking and would end up meeting every morning. He was married and his kids were away in college. His wife and he had drifted apart as they didn’t have much in common once the children left home.

They looked forward to these meetings. He was happy Anjali had a job in Human Resources and was an independent woman. He didn’t want anyone clinging onto him. For the past eight months they would fantasise about places they would go if they could.

“Let’s just go.” Anjali said decisively.

“Go where?”

“Anywhere! Fill your car with a full tank and let’s just drive away. You and me. I’ll give you a packed suitcase. Let’s do this next week.”

“You would leave your husband? Just like that?”

“Yes, just like that.” She clicked her fingers but felt sad.

Anjali wanted to give her husband a last chance to treat her the way she wanted to be treated- with respect, love and show his support. If he didn’t, and remained indifferent, then she would leave.

Anjali got into the car, looked at Kishore and said “Just drive. Take me away.”

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