Listen to the other’s thoughts, opinions and views... then you may understand them, walk in their shoes.

Have you ever come across people who voice their opinions and not care to listen to others?

Do you give up when they become aggressive, saying why bother? Or do you argue back as well? Or sometimes let things lay low for the sake of peace? Here’s a poem for you on this very topic. If you argue so you can be heard no matter the other’s viewpoint, here’s some food for thought for you

We voice our opinions aloud, with conviction,
Without a care to causing any friction.
We say let us agree to disagree,
Communication and consideration are the key.

Making the other see your point of view,
Through force and argument, you see it through.
Don’t care how uncomfortable the other feels,
Is not a personality which to me appeals.

Setting the other straight shouldn’t be our goal,
That relationship may dig itself into a hole.
Listen to the other’s thoughts, opinions and views
Then you may understand them, walk in their shoes.

Are you satisfied you have convinced them to think like you?
Are you satisfied that you have said many words, while they only a few?
Listen, share, and accept each other,
For if conversations are one sided, then why bother?

Not everyone is always right, not everyone is always wrong,
Don’t club people together where they don’t belong.
Keep your calm, carry on with dignity,
Knowing that you cannot change other’s opinions instantly!

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