My Diary Pages

A light shines on my window pane,

the gift from the morning meadows,

a blue wind flies by,

the pages of my diary are ruffled revealing forgotten worlds and forgiven words.


Words written , lived and forgotten in the haze of time,

words of past lives it seemed,

words of a distant self,

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which the mind no longer remembers.


I close the pages and lock the becursed diary,

it holds secrets that my heart dissuades to know,

a reminder of a life I had escaped,

a vague ghost from the past

whose shadow must no fall on my new beginnings.






About the Author

Isha isita

Isha is a 18 year old student of English Honors in Christ University. An aspiring poetess, a blundering writer and a hopelessly old school romantic, Isha, decidedly in love with English, Maddhava and all things read more...

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