Discovering My Real Self ( A Poem On Self Love)

My petite form hidden masked in my heart’s strengthened blossom,

I take prancing steps flying in new love’s freedom,

chained by affection’s wings:

I claim the sky today:

love has made the whole universe mine.


Beloved I am and the lover too,

the Eternal and the Ephemeral

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transcend volatile in my frail form

trailing off lights that illuminate stars

and whisper Maddhava’s form

in my ecstatic ears.


Heart-ache and heart-ease both left behind in the splitting city lights,

I dance in the castles of rain -clouds:.

I have left far behind human cares and human worries:

only the madness of the chirpy wind beats my soul

bringing spining tears to my love – lorn eyes.


In this night’s stillness

amidst twinkling companions of Indra’s heaven:

I smile unabashed at myself:

my heart crying raptures at the unleashed discovery of my own very self.


About the Author

Isha isita

Isha is a 18 year old student of English Honors in Christ University. An aspiring poetess, a blundering writer and a hopelessly old school romantic, Isha, decidedly in love with English, Maddhava and all things read more...

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