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‘Chain Me No Further With The Shackles Of Your Love…The Nation Has Called And I Must Run…’

On India's 73rd Republic Day, the poem explores the shackles of marriage, as the nation calls for brave women who can take protect & nurture its spirit-soul!

The Nation’s Clarion Call Stirs Me!

The nation’s clarion call stirs me from the nuptial bed,

the Mother’s cry rings in my ears,

her misered form dances before my eyes, ohh beloved,

I must heed her call.

My eyes are filled with dreams of the Mother’s wide-eyed future,

my lips kiss only her wounded feet,

my hand caresses only her wounded cheeks.

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No , beloved, no.

I have circumambulate the sacred fire burning steadily in my soul,

I can no longer walk round the filial fire,

my hand has been extended to my dying nation’s call,

I cannot accept the weight of another.

My body has left the sweet – scented bough of your arms,

and entered into the fire of self-immolation.

I no longer revert to your bodily affection,

I have to take care of the forceful love of my soul-mother.

My cheeks are reddened with the blood vigouring to be shed for the nation,

the vermilion mark has lost its potency, beloved.

The Mother’s arms encircle my neck ,

the nuptial chain has slid to the ground.

Beloved,  I have left the comforting bed of conjugality,

chain me no further with the shackles of your love,

bound me no more by promises of your tears,

the nation has called and  I must run,

Into the fire that blazons immortal warriors out of mortal men.

Note: At a time when marriage and conjugal duties are considered as the end and goal of a woman’s life, the nation suffers from the dearth of brave women who will take on the mantle of protecting, nurturing and creating its spirit-soul. With all the energy of women diverted towards filial responsibilities,  we have an urgent want of strong women ready to sacrifice themselves at the altar of the common good. This poem is both a wake-up call to us women to rise and assert ourselves, and also a prayer to all those who shackle us with their love. Free us , we are meant for wider destinies and greater good.

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Isha wants to be called a poet but cannot be considered as one . She can now be termed as a 15 year old who is trying to understand the sudden changes of adolescence and coming read more...

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