Modernization Or Our Faulty Adaptation?

We all have seen famous Hollywood shows like sex in the city or any other famous romantic drama’s. That ignited something inside us, something like passion along with fashion, crave for drama and more of all relationships. After the modernization everything is available to us. When someone says we follow west we became offensive but have a look at our decisions and the Hollywood dramas. We now judge our relationship based on the perception they have set. Kiss on the first date, endless one night stands, if it crosses more than 6 months make it official but keep it at a distance. Aren’t we all doing the same ? Hiding in the modernity. One night stand is good if you are ready for it. But is it a trend people unknowingly forced to follow? Are casual dating is really good for you? Or you are just doing it because it gives you choice and freedom. If it does then why people are still sad and alone. Then why relationship’s are still breaking???

No matter how much we deny the very fact that we tried so much to crash our boundaries and feel the touch of freedom we forget we are ultimately binding ourselves with unexpected and uncertain yet not very mentally stable relationships. We could just have focused on breaking the patriarchy and create our own boundaries but we are not doing that. We are following a dream that is not true. That is based on some modernized television show. Night club, getting drunk is good but most of us made this a lifestyle. Is this there fault? Who created a universe or is this us? Who were so keen to freedom that we forgot what freedom really is?

It’s your choice you want to be single, childless or adopt one or marry and have a child. And we all are clear about this. Then why women are still suffering? Is it because the dream of independent women was so important that we forgot to teach our man how to be with a strong women?? How to be with someone who also has their own choices?

A guy understands totally if you both are not ready to commit. But have you seen a guy who wants to be with you but his needs knows no limit. That even if you distance yourself from him and not engage in any activity to not hurt him he still goes above and beyond with his gestures. Grand gestures are not always what we want. We just want a guy who listens to us. We as a women tell them not to have a relationship or not to sleep with us but they think that if a girl is saying no, means their is a hidden yes. And in turn they will keep pushing you and when they can not get what they want we girls becomes the villain. The gold digger..even if there is no gold to dig.

Mainstream media, the so called glamoured shows has polluted our mind beyond imagination. So that we don’t even recognise what is healthy for us.


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