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Women Have A Voice And It Deserves To Be Heard

Posted: April 22, 2021

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Women are often ignored and never encouraged to express themselves. But we deserve to have our opinions, thoughts, and problems to be heard.

Have we ever asked ourselves why some women in our family don’t want people to know about them?

Some women stay anonymous for most of their lives, within the four walls of their homes. Maybe,  it’s embarrassment or anger. Embarrassment because they never thought someone other than their school friend will ever be interested in their life. But why not? There are people around them who are related to them by blood or by marriage. Then why do they think no one will be interested? Maybe, because they have been told that their problems are not ‘actual problems’. So after years of listening to the same thing- ‘it’s not an actual problem’, they fell embarrassed when they try to express themselves.

But there is another question as well. Can we blame everything on other people? How long will we keep saying that we have been told to do so, so we will?

For others, what women say is just a ‘dialogue’.  So here is the answer – stop thinking for once about what other people will think, what problem of others you have to solve and just demand. Demand what you deserve – you deserve to be heard. It doesn’t matter if you’ve given birth or not, you cook or not, you work every day or not, you deserve to be respected.

To the ladies, who are waiting for some miracle to happen and for people to start to make time for you, start realising that nothing comes from waiting. Have we been fooled to believe that we have to always wait get beautiful things?

We have waited without any question. Stop waiting. When will you see the beautiful thing> what exactly is the beautiful thing? Stop waiting. Go and demand your loved ones’ time. You deserve to be heard without worrying about their reply. You need to express your opinion. I know it’s hard but be stubborn and do it.

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