This Nutritious Breakfast Is A Mix and Match Of Fun And Flavour

If as a parent one of your constant thought is providing nutritious food to your child but in a tasty way, fret not! We have some news for you.

Ever since I stepped into working adult life, one of my biggest headaches— what do I want to eat for breakfast? Gone were the days of packed tiffin-box carefully prepared for me. Cooking breakfast or preparing office lunches, especially in the early days of working life, when I lived far away from the comforts of parental care, was hard.

Unlike the fancy videos I saw on Instagram and other social media apps, meal prep was not that easy, at the end of the day I was a hardcore non-vegetarian food lover. I wanted a warm, tasty breakfast that was healthy and maybe had some eggs or shredded chicken or a bit of bacon.

The reality of how much labour went into cooking breakfast hit me when my friends with school-going children began to explain how much time and effort was put into each item cooked. A bowl of fried rice for the father-in-law or soft parantha for the husband’s lunch box or even plain bread-omelette for the child; needed planning and prep time!

Hence, after I returned home, and began my remote job, I decided to cut down on my breakfast hobbies and snacks to ease my mum’s life a little by taking the helm of breakfast.

And life became easier when I found Tata Soulfull Oats + Millets range; because ageing parents need nutritional food! These oats come in varieties of flavours; Tomato Twist, Desi Veggie, Mast Masala and Peppy Curry!

To celebrate Tata Soulfull’s NutritionalAlly, we asked our readers, what they would pack for their child’s tiffin box! The answers didn’t disappoint us!

Mix and match is the way!

Can anything be more versatile than Suji aka Rava? You can use it to make sweets, and cakes, use it as a batter to coat fish, and make fuzzy dalia! Mixing and matching ingredients is the basic chemistry of tastes!

The greatest challenge for a mother is the child’s tiffin. My mother and my son are experts in mixing and matching ingredients and by now, we have suji cakes, ragi cakes, oats cake, and rice flour cakes as our nutrition allies. Tiffin is no longer an issue today. — Sreemati Sen

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Trick them and treat them with nutrition

All of us who are former children have hated vegetables, and I bet every parent has a trick up their sleeves to treat us to nutritional food as a snack! My mom made koftas out of plantain and told my elder sister it was chicken!

I give my kid mildly shallow fried cutlets made from vegetables that she mainly refuses to eat like beetroot, gourd, raw banana and carrot. And when I am in a hurry or very exhausted, I make easy pancake with egg, milk and banana.— sarkarynka

Butter chicken is true love!

There can be nothing as comforting as the soft, melty pieces of butter chicken in one’s mouth. As a sibling of a fussy and poor eater, I have seen my mother try everything to feed my sister. It all boiled down, my sister asking for sweet curried chicken!

My Son has always been a poor eater. He doesn’t even like junk! The only thing that he can gorge on is butter chicken! So mandatorily we must visit a restaurant each Sunday night and he eats to his heart’s content. Whatever is left we must parcel and pack for his lunch the next day with paranthas. That’s one day of the week I know the lunch box will be licked dry— meeta.chablani

Variety and balance are the queens!

In the book, Totto-Chan: The Little Girl at the Window, when Totto-Chan’s mum was in a dilemma about school-lunch, the school principal had suggested that each bento-box should have, something from the ocean and something from the hills, the suggestion given to provide nutrition options local to Japan so that mothers didn’t stress about food.

India being a huge country, we don’t lack in diversity of nutritional food items, so we play around with the lunch boxes a lot!

Double egg omelette with onion tomato or aloo parantha or chicken veg cutlet ,cheese slice, in Fruits between cherries strawberries cranberries grapes apples one of them in good portion, roasted broccoli or okra or beans— @sayantinibasu

Experiment to your heart’s content!

As someone who hated every day of her school-life, the highlight of my day and my friends’day would always be tiffin-break! The excitement and anticipation of aaj khane main kya hai, still makes me happy. Parents who experiment with food are nurturing love for variety and appreciation for thought that goes behind food.

I experimented with different healthy options in tiffin like potato oats tikki not fried. Cornflakes paneer cutlets, chapati wrap loaded with veggies cut into 4 parts with a love ketchup mark! The tiffin is not for the stomach, it should touch the heart ∞ too! Always a stick-on notepad with a cute, funny line! So even if I send vegetables they will eat it— @dilserekha

No matter how much we love to eat, cook and feed others, let’s face it, cooking is a time-consuming affair! TATA Soulfull has tried its best to help time-crunched parents, especially moms who are so busy to balance it all!

They have created a wide-range of breakfast options grown from grains native to India like Ragi and blended it with Oats! Or the tasty Muesli options with dried fruits and nuts without the added sugar!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so give your child the best option that is filling, tasty and healthy as well as time-saving for the parent! Packed with the goodness of millet, the NO Maida Choco & Cream fills are a perfect ‘nutrition ally’ for all mothers! Check out the complete products range here.

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