Let’s Normalise Flawed Women: Stop Putting Them On A Pedestal Of Perfection

The biggest reason of mental health related problems in women is the lack of cooperation and sensitivity from family as well as at the workplace.

These are some of the key findings of the Deloitte Women@Work 2023 Report.

  • # Over a third (35%) women rate their mental well-being as poor/very poor.
  • # 85% women bear the majority of family tasks while also earning their livelihoods.
  • # Nearly 1 in 5 (19%) say they have taken time off for symptoms related to menstruation but did not disclose the real reason.
  • # 44% of women reported experiencing harassment and/or microaggressions in the workplace over the past year.
  • # More than two-thirds (69%) of women who work for Leader organizations say they get adequate mental health support from their employer

While we are in the 21st century, it is quite astounding to see that women still have to adhere to the atypical societal norms.

  • “Khaana to bahu office se aake hi banaegi” (daughter in law will have to come home from office and cook).
  • “She can’t do overtime, husband ko bhi to time dena hai” (She can’t do overtime, how will she then give time to her husband?)
  • Aurat ke kya ambition, shaadi karlo, naukri chod do. (What is this about women having ambition? Just get married and leave the job.)
  • “Tumhe kaam karne ki kya zarurat hai” (What need do you have to work?)

Don’t they sound familiar?

The biggest reason of mental health related problems in women is the lack of cooperation and sensitivity. As the key finding suggests that the organisations which are Gender Equality Leaders, run much higher in terms of their performance. Hence it is clear.

The change shall come from the grassroots. Let’s normalise flawed women and not put them on a pedestal of perfection. Multitasking should not be used as a convenient tag to expect women to take the entire load. High time everyone share’s their load and becomes a part of the journey towards equality.

Women should be able to lead in the workplace based on their merit and hard work. Whatever they do should be their choice and not an hindrance.

Read the entire report here.

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