Every Mother Daughter Team Needs To Be Celebrated, And You’re Invited!

We know that many women have been inspired and empowered by their mothers OR mothers-in-law (or the other way around) to make a difference in the world, especially through their career or business. So tell us your story!

Mothers and daughters can be the best possible team, don’t you agree?

This year, we are having a special celebration of Mother’s Day which will be all about the mother and daughter #LegacyOfStrength. We will be celebrating the strength that is passed down from mothers to daughters, and that daughters in their turn reflect back to mothers.

A #LegacyOfStrength between mothers and daughters

We know that many women have been inspired and empowered by their mothers (OR mothers-in-law!) to make a difference in the world, especially in the business world. So tell us your story if you have

  • followed in your mother’s footsteps to become a successful businesswoman or a career in the same field of work,
  • or you have taken your mother’s legacy forward in your own unique way,
  • or if you share a business,
  • or you are the strength for each other when decisions of career are to be taken,
  • or if you as a daughter have in your turn encouraged your mother to take steps to a new career…

We want to know your story!

Share with us how your mother (or mother in law!) has influenced your career or how you have made an impact as a woman in business, inspired by her strength and resilience. Perhaps your mother started a business inspired by you or vice versa? Whatever your story is, we want to celebrate the powerful bond between mothers and daughters and the legacy of strength that you share.

Join us this Mother’s Day by using the hashtag #LegacyOfStrength and sharing your story. Let’s inspire and uplift each other as we honour the incredible women who have shaped our lives.

How do you get your story published?

Submit your personal story on your author dashboard. If you aren’t yet an author with us, it is easy to sign up here.

When you submit, do not forget to put the hashtag #LegacyOfStrength alongside your title.

While submitting your story, you will be asked to choose an image from Unsplash before you can submit. Use very generic keywords to find an image, and do not worry if it isn’t exactly what you want. All submissions that come for this celebration will be edited by editors to make changes.

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If there are personal photographs you want us to include, please email them to us at [email protected] with #LegacyOfStrength in the subject line. Make sure these are good, clear images belonging to you. If they aren’t clear, we will use a stock image.

If your story is about creating your business and running it, then you can put in up to 2 links to the business.

Some rules

1. This should be a previously unpublished story.

2. Once published on Women’s Web, you may not publish it in whole elsewhere, except for an excerpt with a link back to us. They will remain exclusive to us.

Is there a deadline?

Since Mother’s Day is on the 14th of May, your stories will be published leading up to the day, but we will also be publishing your stories all through May. So while there is no specific deadline, the earlier you send your story, the better for you and for us.

Send In your stories today!

Women’s Web now uses technology for publishing support, to help our community see their work up faster. Hence, a number of posts will get accepted and published right away, while a few others will go through some additional checks by editors.

Whichever the case is, editors are looking at all your submissions.

We look forward to your mother daughter stories that are a #LegacyOfStrength in your career or your business!

Image source: YouTube/ Blush Channel

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