5 Essential Home Gym Equipment For The Homebody Girl!

Want to stay fit, but leaving house is a hassle? Here are 5 home gym equipment for every homebody girl in India!

Want to stay fit, but leaving the house just for the gym is a hassle? Here are 5 home gym equipment every homebody girl needs!

I like to stay fit, but at the core of my heart, I am lazy and don’t like leaving my house. For the last few months, I have been complaining about feeling lethargic and unmotivated to go for evening walks. My sole reasoning has been the pollution outside and to change clothes.

My friends suggested I join a gym and work out at least three times a week. Again, the problem remains! I do not want to leave my house. I want to wear my comfortable clothes and sweat them out and bathe in the comfort of my home instead of queuing at the gym washroom.

Which meant there was only one option left for me; get my home gym equipment. Now, choosing a home gym equipment is not easy! After searching for weeks, here are 5 equipment I have keyed on!

Before we jump to the list, remember these points when you decide to purchase your device.

Things to remember before buying home gym equipment

  • Space – gym equipment can mean anything and can come in any shape and size! If you plan to buy a treadmill, you must have the space to put it in your home. Trust me on this, don’t overestimate your home capacity.
  • Maintenance – depending on the equipment you are keen on, a punching bag is different from a functional trainer! You have known how much time you have to spare on their maintenance. Equipment is a lifetime product.
  • Purpose – Do you want to gain muscle strength or core strength, do you want to lose weight or gain muscle weight, or do you want to indulge in the daily workout to feel active? Rethink your purpose before clicking on that buy button!
  • Budget – Gym equipment is meant for lifetime use, so their prices can differ from brand to brand and model to model. It is an investment, so make sure you are aware of what you need for your body and not your heart.

5 must’ve home gym equipment

Now that you know what you have to do before purchasing your home gym equipment, let’s find out the 5 best gym equipment that will make sure you have the gym experience without leaving home!

Smith Machine

A smith machine is generally a steel frame with a built-in barbell rack and barbell. Users can add weights on the sides while the barbell is stagnant. This device permits one to move the barbell up and down and reduces the risk of accidents. The barbell is kept on the rails of the Smith machine, while you exercise. View here your options.


A treadmill is an ideal piece of equipment for indoors! One can run and walk, which is important for cardiovascular health. Treadmills have evolved over the years; the most common being electrical or manual. Make your choice wisely. View here your options.

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Functional trainer

Functional trainers are used for different strengthening of different muscle groups! This multipurpose machine involves using cables that are attached to weights. You can do pull-ups, and your choice of machine will decide if you can attach barbells to it or not. View here your options.

Rowing machine

Rowing for ages has been seen as a healthy activity! Needless to say, this device is designed to provide effective workout results that are similar to rowing a real boat. One has to sit on a padded seat with outstretched legs, hold the cable and pull it, sliding your leg backwards and forwards. View here your options.

Elliptical machine

An elliptical machine is also known as a cross trainer. It is the perfect home gym equipment as it provides a full-body workout by simulating running, cycling, and climbing. The user has to stand on two steps and use their arms to move. It reduces stress from knees and hips, as well. View here your options.

In conclusion

Home gym equipment are meant to make our lives smoother. Hence, if you have any aches or pains or medical issues, speak to your doctor before deciding, the machine must be compatible with your body.

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