Nitu Ghanghas Winning Boxing Gold Proof That When Men Support Women, Sky Is The Limit!

Nitu Ghanghas, the new World Champion in boxing from India has proven that when men support women, the women can break glass ceilings.

History was created yet again on Saturday, 25th March in Delhi as Nitu Ghanghas, the Indian boxer from Bhiwani in Haryana was crowned the World Boxing Champion in 48kg category. Her father who was present in stands to watch the remarkable game of Nitu followed by her being felicitated with gold was all ecstatic as he saw her daughter victorious on the podium.

Before this, Nitu had also won youth world championship title for two consecutive years in 2017 and 2018 followed by a gold again in the Commonwealth Games last year. Undoubtedly, this is the reason why she has been touted as one of the best emerging players for our nation and a force to reckon with.

Supported by her father

However, like any other success story, this one also didn’t happen overnight. Obviously it took a decade of hard work, resilience, learnings and mental strength to achieve this huge victory. But this victory and adulation needs mention of a man who stood rock solid behind Nitu in her quest to success and that’s her father, Jai Bhagwan. It was he who motivated Nitu to channelise her energy and aggression into boxing while she was merely 12 years old. And, soon within 2 years, Nitu proved her father right by showing that she was destined for greater heights.

That’s when Jai Bhagwan resolved to do everything under his stride to propel her daughter’s growth further. He took an unpaid leave of three years to tend to her sporting requirements, training and diet.

One can imagine that without a fixed source of regular income, how challenging this would have been. Add on to it, the pressure of peers and family in a conservative society from which Nitu hailed; yet nothing could deter the spirits of the man who was determined to build a shining future for her daughter. And, he managed finances by doing farming.

The proud father was yesterday interviewed by various media houses and he summarised all his happiness and pride in just few words, “Today is one of those days where it feels like everything was worth it”.

With men having more social clout, supportive men bring out the best in women

Women bloom so beautifully when they are backed by the able hands of men in their life. India is still a developing nation and in most of the households, men still have the dominant and pivotal role in the decisions and general well-being of the women in their family.

Plus with the conditioning that a girl child is raised with, she looks up to men around her for some impetus. But, with changing times where men have begun to share or give up their privileges to bargain equity and opportunities for the female members in their family, it is such a welcome change which is indeed needed in more families.

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Behind every successful man is a woman. We have all heard that phrase. Do you know who is behind every successful woman? It’s a man. It could be her father, grandfather, brother, husband or son; but its always a man who pioneers in those efforts. And, the win of Nitu Ghanghas, the new World Champion in boxing from India has proved this yet again.

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