Simmi Nanda Reminds Us, Acceptance Of LGBTQIA Is A Continuous Journey

In Shark Tank 2, Simmi Nanda shared her divorce story, her struggles after and then accepting her gay son, is the kind of motivation we women need today.

Shark Tank Season 2 is my latest source of motivation. Many moments made me feel emotionally boosted and uplifted my mood. The Flathead’s pitch made me realize if you are fuelled enough with your passion, then you will “Fall 7, Get up 8”

But in the episode, where a mother shared her journey of how she accepted her gay son, was the best. Simmi Nanda, who shared her separation story from her husband, her struggles post divorce, and then how she came into accepting her gay son, is the kind of motivation we women need today.

It would not have been easy for her, both the divorce and accepting her son the way he is; especially in a society like ours where both issues are observed in different tangents. After her divorce, she kept on learning and did not give up on her spirit to evolve. And breaking a 22-year-old marriage is a courageous decision in itself.

Understanding is the key to acceptance

She came to know her son is gay through her sister and niece. They observed him dance, and his movements were significantly feminine. Like every normal mother, she was also panicked and worried.

But the mother in Simmi pulled herself together after her elder son made her watch videos on YouTube and read blogs on similar lines. She felt the need to support and back her son up when the whole world intended to traumatize him.

Support your children, if not you, then who?

We should support our family and loved ones in the best possible way, but when they are choosing an unconventional path, then we may need to go out of the way to support them, and that we should do.

I particularly loved the way she mentioned how she publicly declared that she accepts her son. Her final assessment speech for her public speaking course, which she was supposed to deliver in front of a crowd of 35–40 people, and she delivered a speech which was dedicated to her son Ashish.

And as a mother, her responsibility and will not stop there. She has even joined Ashish’s venture, which is an e-commerce platform by queers for all. Ashish’s intent in making this platform is a crystal clear representation of the values that he has grown up with.

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A place for the rainbow people

It is difficult for queers to find job opportunities and earn their bread and butter. Hence, he created a community of queers who design the merchandise and the rest is taken care of by the family (Ashish, Simmi, and Vishesh (elder son).

While giving the demo of the website, the highlight for me was there was no gender-specific product. For clothing, there was only size mentioned. They truly stood to their word when they said: “For All”. And that is how fluid culture works, right?

The fact that they could not make a deal was a little upsetting, but the gesture of all the Sharks hugging Simmi won my heart!

Image source: Still from Shark Tank 2, edited on CanvaPro

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