5 Indian Books For Children That Celebrate Islamic Culture

Here is a list of 5 Indian books for children that celebrate Islamic culture and faith that are definitely worth checking out!

Here is a list of 5 Indian books for children that celebrate Islamic culture and faith that are definitely worth checking out!

The world’s second-largest religion, Islam, witnesses about 1.8 billion faithful followers. The Islamic culture has a strong emphasis on monotheism. Islam comes from an Arabic word that means ‘to surrender to God’. It centres its belief on five key elements: the profession of faith, prayer, alms, fasting, and pilgrimage.

It is vital to teach the religious culture and its practice to the younger generation in an authentic and natural way. However, it is challenging to teach the importance and spirit of the culture to children. Thanks to technology, it is getting easier by the day.

Books often outrun the desire for technology and can become one of the prime sources that can impart the knowledge of faith.

Also, if you are looking to help your little ones understand their culture and faith more. Or, if you want to broaden their horizon and make them more empathetic toward their Muslim peers, your child can learn a lot from books.

What are the best Indian books for children that celebrate Islamic culture?

Here is a detailed list of 5 Indian books for children that celebrate the culture and faith of Islam. I have also included a few quotes from the books as well. This is a list that is definitely worth checking out, as they have been written in simple language which are easy for kids to understand.

Allah and Me by Vinni Rahman

5 Indian Books For Children That Celebrate Islamic Culture

The tiny chapters of Allah and Me have Quran verses, Islamic values and virtues. Author Vinni Rahman has thoughtfully highlighted the importance of prayers, gratitude, charity, and respect one must-have for one another.

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The small yet meaningful chapters encourage children to learn to live by Allah’s way.

“Allah is pleased when a man eats or drinks something and then praises Him for it.”

Muezza and Baby Jaan, Stories from the Quran by Anita Nair

A curious baby camel named Jaan and a cat’s friendship is depicted in this book. The camel a djinn-turned-angel, and Prophet’s favourite cat share a ton of teachings of Islam. It mesmerizes the readers with stories like Nuh’s ark, the mighty king Sulaiman, the first man and woman, and much more.

The author has used her imagination brilliantly in building the two creatures. Their journey in an unending desert and the bond between the two is simply stupendous. The storyline is crafted meticulously and the illustrations are a treat for the eyes.

“He began the creation of man from clay.”

Ibrahim’s Sacrifice by Ziya Us Salam

5 Indian Books For Children That Celebrate Islamic Culture

Ziya Us Salam, a literary critic and author, has written this enthralling book. This book revolves around the religious man Ibrahim and his son Ismail. Prophet Ibrahim was ordered in the dream by Allah to give his only son Ismail as a sacrifice on Mount Arafat. The prophet though loved his son, obeyed Allah’s instructions. But, Allah had something else in store for them. Pick up the book to know what happens.

The author has used a clever tone in narrating the mystery of this story.

“But Prophet Ibrahim was determined to obey Allah’s command. He proceeded with Ismail to Mount Arafat”

Tell Me About Hajj by Saniyasnain Khan

Have you been to Hajj? What is it? Why it’s so important?

These questions are all answered in this book by the author. The pilgrimage story begins 4000 years ago. Prophet Ibrahim was gracious and pure in heart. Allah gave him wisdom and made him his best friend. Allah ordered him to travel to present-day Makkah with his family including his son, Ismail.

Author Saniyasnain Khan has made a delightful narration of the story. He explains the importance of Hajj and its teachings. Appealing illustrations to show the iconic places are noteworthy.

“If Allah has ordered you to do so, then he will not let us die”

The Story of Khadija by Saniyasnain Khan

Khadija was one of the most dignified women in Islam. She is an inspiration to many believers and is considered to be the worthiest of all women present during the time of Prophet Muhammed. She was noble and wise. Furthermore, she is believed to share her importance as the ‘four ladies of heaven’ along with Mary: the mother of Jesus, Asiyah, and Fathima.

This book portrays the dedication, sacrifice, and hard work of Khadija and the entire family of the Prophet. Khadija dedicated her energy, time and wealth to Islam and has set herself as an example to many.

“She paid extra to each employee for every item he sold.”

Why we love stories rooted in faith?

Faith allows us to take the next bolder step, a constant ray of hope that keeps us all going no matter what or who comes in the way.

Faith is the principal element of all religions. All religions and their practices offer the same message of love and eternal hope. Islam is no exception, as faith forms a major part of Islamic culture. Many believers in the past have followed the prophets and their teachings with enormous respect. They have been crucial in enlightening the generations with the teachings of Allah.

We share equal responsibility in uplifting the faith of our children. Nurturing the faith and culture needs wisdom accompanied by patience. As individuals, we hold a major share in contributing to uplifting the faith of the children. And the above-mentioned books for kids can help you in the journey.

Before closing the article, here’s something I want to share, something personal with you.

Growing up, I didn’t get to read books about Islamic culture

Growing up, I never had a chance to read about the Islamic faith and their culture at this basic level, and I must acknowledge that I am as young in my knowledge about their faith and culture as is my little one, who is 6- years old at present.

Mmm! Had my intention been not clear enough to read books of all kinds to my child, I would have never arrived at the promotional packets of kids’ books on Islamic culture and faith. To be honest, I did have a lot of resistance to reading these books with my child and writing this far for you.

The more we learn, the more we open our world-view becomes

But here’s one thing that I know for sure, these books listed above are good for young readers and can set the stage for young ones to spark conversations about the Islamic faith, culture, tradition and Muslim protagonists. The list also makes for a good read during Ramadan and Eid or all year long.

‌Wishing that you and your little ones get to learn a bit more about Islamic culture and faith from this blog and from these books listed above.

‌But keep reading to your child and always take out some time to have a happy reading time to and with your child. There’s nothing better than reading aloud to children!

I hope, reading these 5 Indian books for children that celebrate Islamic culture, helps discover more wonderful stories from here on.

Image source: Bookcovers from Goodreads and Subodhsathe via Getty Images, free and edited on CanvaPro

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