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Learning How Faith Is Restored By My Own Child!

Posted: February 1, 2021

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If we ask something from our GOD its always half-hearted as mature adults, always logic rules our minds. But kids they are so sure.

I lived in Uganda. Electricity supply is not constant here. So, one evening at 8:00 p.m, I was preparing dinner in kitchen and my two kiddos; son aged 6 and daughter aged 20 months were playing, as usual.

And suddenly power went off, it was total dark my daughter being very little feared darkness and started crying. My son was near her, he calmed her saying, “I’m near to you dear please give me your hand.” And he hugged her. She became quiet immediately.

Later, when I approached them; he said, “Mom, she is with me, catch my hand.” Saying this he stretched his arm. I took my both kids, put on the emergency light and let them be there sitting on their small plastic chairs. I took my mobile phone ON the torch went in the kitchen and started cooking.

My son’s faith

After some time, my son started reciting verses from our holy book. He kept reciting all the verse which he knows and I kept cooking. After around 10 minutes, as soon as he stopped reciting the last verse which he knew, immediately the power came.

He came happily to me and said, “Mom, I asked the GOD to help me and see as soon as I finished GOD send the power back.”

These words made me realized how as adults we keep our faith on our Lord, even if we ask something from our GOD its always half-heartedly as mature adults always logic rules our minds. But kids they are so sure, they never doubt and whole heartedly put their faith in Lord and just ask HIM with full authority as if its their right to get it. Also, Lord never disappoints them and grant at once what they wish for.

Seeing this My Faith in my Lord was RESTORED immediately.

Image source: Pixabay

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