Home Learning: How Is It Important For Your Child’s Development

Home learning is an unmatched opportunity for parents to control their child’s education. It reduces several limitations from the teaching and learning processes.

Home learning is an unmatched opportunity for parents to control their child’s education. It reduces several limitations from the teaching and learning processes. And makes it 100% tailored to suit the child.

Read further to know why home learning is important for your child:

Suitability for a specific child

What do terms like intelligence types, learning styles, and individual differences imply in the real sense?

They prove the fact that all human beings are strikingly different from each other. This means that there is no BLACK AND WHITE theory that can put all learners in the same category. There is something different that each learner requires as per his/her personality traits.

And home learning is the only perfect way to create a 100% suitable learning environment without compromising on the student’s learning needs. It is an ideal learning environment that is crafted for a particular student. And it sets him/her free from the compulsion of thriving with the external influence of a heterogeneous group.

This advantage makes choices like homeschooling and digital schooling more and more popular amongst the parent community.

More scope to incorporate digital media and technology

With the visionary reforms in our recent education policies, our mainstream system of offline educators has already embraced a lot of changes. Today, 100% home learning for young children is a new and popular trend. And it has certainly helped in changing the face of our schooling patterns with more and better educational choices.

Technology can help students to learn better at home. Online education through 100% virtual schooling platforms, educational websites is quite enjoyable for the students. Because they learn better through the interactive online content.

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And even tend to remember the same for a longer period of time. Owing to these advantages of home learning through the use of technology, Ed Tech platforms have also grown exponentially in India.

Freedom for the students

Home learning also creates a learning space that allows maximum freedom for the student. So much so that a student need not wait for a bell sound to commence or pause his/her learning. And this adds to the level of convenience that suits all students with varied learning needs.

Be it a differently-abled child or a naïve introverted personality, a preschooler or a High scholar, self-regulated study helps them all. Other than this, being at home considerably saves their time and energy as well. And it also allows the student to introspect better without the fear of any negativity around them. Worldwide, 32% of the students in are bullied in schools-UNESCO

Better quality social interactions

When students move out of the typical physical settings of traditional schools and offline teaching, they get to interact with a variety of people around. Virtual schooling platforms and homeschooling groups create a wide range of opportunities to develop intercultural understanding in students.

This helps the students to comprehend the global challenges better. And at the same time, instils a sense of empathy in them.

Streamlined home learning creates an enriching learning environment. Hence, students develop social skills effortlessly. And at the same time, they benefit from the real-life experiences gained through their family and friends.

Fun learning without a physical classroom

Being at home is also a great opportunity to add the imperative fun element while learning moral values. Students can now choose from a variety of learning resources and hand-pick the one those appeals the most to them.

Today, the feasibility of home-based education is beyond textbooks. And students can choose their own pace to understand and strengthen even the most complex concepts.

Pacing option in a flexible learning environment is a unique feature of home-based education. And it sets the students free from the weird schedules of regular schools, followed by additional tuitions.

Innovative learning ideas

Unlike the regular schooling patterns, home learning activities can be super innovative and highly creative. A student at early-childhood can explore his/her surroundings, learn through hands-activities and make use of real-life settings to understand the world around.

The academic journey of a student through options like homeschooling or digital schooling is a shared process of learning. Because it is, free from any external control. And adds an element of realism in all that the student learns. This choice is completely free from bookish biases. This means that the student can derive his/her own conclusions instead of following the preset notions.

More parental involvement

Many parents wish to spend more time with their kids at home. But the designs of our traditional schools do not allow them to do so. Learning at home is also important because it gives the parents more time and opportunity to mentor the child’s early education. They can be additional support for the child, and help him/her work upon the academic gaps.

Our conventional classrooms deprive parents of the opportunity to cherish their child’s academic journey. But this option of home learning can bring back the joy of enjoying more family time along with the superior parent’s handholding.


Safety issues at our traditional schools and the present condition of the global pandemic also highlight the importance of home learning. These factors have been instrumental in creating a paradigm shift in India. Indian parents have fully accepted educational alternatives like online school.

The visionary idea of home-based virtual education is also acknowledged by the government of India (in the recent National Education Policy, 2020). And keeping the present scenario in mind, our policymakers encourage Open distance learning from accredited institutions.

To sum up, home learning is a tread that will rule the education industry in the years to come!

Image source: Nikhil Patel via Getty Images, free on CanvaPro

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