Why Do We Women Have To Choose All The Time? Why?

Motherhood is a tough decision for some when it comes to their life and occupational options. And society must stop bombarding them about whether they are hoping for a boy or a girl, the feeding choices and most importantly about their employment choices.


Experiencing motherhood is a blessing. However, it is a tough decision for some when it comes to their life and occupational options. The happiness is irrepressible when a woman conceives a little human inside her.

But sometimes, being a career-oriented individual brings about a dilemma which further transforms into a struggle. She is excited about the whole new phase of her life nonetheless; she has to think about — how to manage it all.

The workplace starts to panic, thinking about her absenteeism after the birth of her baby. The institution or organization start to question her about the future endeavours as if the physical challenges were not enough.

The higher authorities pressurize her to schedule the child-care in a way which would be convenient to her work, when it should be the other way around. The system should support women by helping them set-up day-cares and nursery centres in the enterprise.

Why do we women have to choose?

Why are only females put through the grinding process of picking between growing a family or managing her career?

Is it fair to ask a lady if she would continue working after childbirth?

Would her feeding the child formula-milk be fair?

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The thought of her making her career a priority does not mean, she is overlooking her family’s welfare. She is not taking the easy way out just because she is unable to be with her tot all day. She might be taking her responsibilities seriously by earning and providing a better life to her infant.

Stop bombarding women with doubts and questions!

The society must stop bombarding her about whether she is hoping for a boy or a girl, the feeding choices and most importantly about her employment choices.

Manipulating her or making her feel guilty about her commitment should not be the objective.

Make an attempt to just sit next to her on a tiring day, listening to her silence is very important and let her know that she is enough. We alone can be the best support for our sisters, wives and mothers. We are a force which God himself has given the ability to bear the fruit of his creation.

Furthermore, we are more, much more than our roles, more than normal humans.

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