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Not Having Enough Women On The Sales Team Is A Disservice To Us

Our sales team is much better with more women in it. Not having enough women is a disservice to us and the talent, skill, care, energy and assertion they bring to the table.

I’ve had a few people reach out to me and ask me why we’re so keen on hiring only a female sales executive for The Quad, when it’s probably much easier to find qualified male candidates who’d be a good fit and my position would get filled at the earliest.

In fact, we even have a couple of male candidates who’d be a great fit, and we are intentionally choosing not to move forward with them.

I want to take a moment to clarify the WHY behind this decision.

What is the reason after all?


Not like we are this huge corporation that needs to fill some diversity quota for the optics of it.

We operate in a male-dominated industry, with more men in leadership roles, more men being subject-matter experts and more men being the trainers, coaches and business executives as well.

It would NOT be an anomaly if we had an all-male sales team. And I’m sure they’d be good. But—

We truly believe that our team is MUCH better with more women in it. Not having enough women on our team is a disservice to us and the talent, skill, care, energy and assertion they bring on board.

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We don’t want to have a uni-dimensional team, and bringing more women and their opinions to the gym floor will push us to be better every day. We want that!


As a fitness brand, we do have a lot of interest from women. In fact, 52% of our social media followers and 59% of our virtual community is made up of women.

As a company, we’ve worked very hard to achieve these ratios and to provide women a sense of safety when they train/work with us.

By hiring a female executive on our team, we are providing potential members with the option to speak with a woman about their fitness goals with empathy and without judgement.

We understand that we are strangers when a woman first approaches us to work on their health and fitness — personally, I’d feel safer talking about my health to a female stranger than a male stranger.

Every aspiring salesperson should remember

  • Sales as a skill is NOT reserved for men. I started out in sales and cannot imagine my career trajectory without my wins in sales and what it did to my confidence.
  • Fitness as a profession is NOT reserved for men. The Quad is testament to this, and we’re proud to have brought in so many women coaches as experts, leaders and business owners into the industry.
  • Strength as a pursuit is NOT reserved for men. Training for strength and building strong joints and muscles is for everyone! As they say, women who lift are better equipped to smash the patriarchy.

Yes, this takes us much longer to move forward and on some days it’s certainly more frustrating, but we know it’s worth the wait for everyone involved.

For women who are starting out in the sales profession and want to learn more about The Quad: click here.

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