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Mis(s) Adventures Of A Salesgirl: The Perfect Metro Read To Unwind With!

An intriguing story of a woman from Delhi who is posted in Chennai for her first internship, where everything is new to her!

The book Mis(s) Adventures of a Salesgirl written by Aashisha Chakraborty struck a chord with me from the moment I read the book’s blurb on the back cover. What did I connect with?

  • It is about a Bengali girl [Check]
  • It is about a Bengali girl on assignment in Chennai [Check]
  • It is about the girl working in a Telecom company [Check]
  • It is about her setting out to prove something to herself, her family, and the whole wide world [Double-check]

Having gone through many of these life experiences, it was as if the book was an echo of my own twenty-five year old self. Written in a very casual and easy-to-read narrative, it is nevertheless pretty gripping and kept my interest to read it alive all throughout.

I finished the book in three-four sittings, and I think I would have finished it faster had I not had work to occupy me.

Mis(s) Adventures of a Salesgirl is the perfect book to unwind with on vacation, during a journey, or even if you are waiting for a doctor who takes hours to appear. It is easy on the brain, and the nice touch of humour that the author uses makes you smile and nod as you read along.

What is Mis(s) Adventures of a Salesgirl about?

Enakshi is a twenty five year old girl studying MBA at one of the prestigious business schools when she is sent on a two month internship to Chennai of all places. It comes as an unpleasant surprise to her as her batchmates have all been placed in and around Delhi. Despite parental objections, she is determined to tough it out and ace the internship. The travails she faces as the only young girl in a predominantly male sales team forms the crux of the plot.

There is a sub-plot of a personal mystery that also occurs in Chennai that she is determined to solve. The book begins and ends on a positive note and I am sure, Enakshi’s story doesn’t end here but will continue in a sequel or two.

Been there, done that

Having been there and done that, I could identify so much with the sexism that she faces at work and even harassment at times.

Chennai is not a city that Enakshi takes to instantly. In real life, when I was deputed to Chennai I faced many of the problems she does, the main one being the language problem. However, I liked Chennai personally despite the communication issues and the incessant sticky heat. I am aware though that a lot of other people feel like Enakshi and don’t really take to Chennai as a destination of choice.

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Aashisha is able to describe situations and circumstances with great detail and accuracy proving that she did her research well. Perhaps, she writes from personal experiences as well. Every good author borrows from real life and Aashisha is probably no exception.

Pick this book up at your nearest bookstore and I think that you will enjoy reading about the spunky Bong girl who navigates a work assignment with courage and humor, and is surprisingly realistic as she makes mistakes like every other person does. Kudos to Ms. Chakraborty for keeping it real and providing us with this fun-read.

PS: A couple of acronyms were not expanded anywhere. Maybe an appendix of such terms would improve the discerning reader’s experience?!

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