Aparna Balamurali Winning National Award Is A Win For Bommi, The Character She Plays In Soorarai Pottru

Soorarai Pottru is also about Bommi, a young woman who doesn't give up on her dreams, yet is the perfect support for a man who is working towards achieving his dream.

Soorarai Pottru was a movie that was widely accepted and loved by the audience, pan-India. The story of how Maara launched his own airline service was inspiring, but what had my heart then and what still stays with me two years after I watched it is how the movie is also about Bommi, a young woman who doesn’t give up on her dreams, yet is the perfect support for a man who is working towards achieving his dream.

Bommi, played by the versatile Aparna Balamurali, wasn’t the stereotypal young woman. She didn’t have the glam, she just had her village charm. She didn’t have exotic dreams, she dreamt what she thought she could achieve and she did too. She didn’t yield to everything everyone said, she applied her mind and had her views too!

Bommi was bold enough to break several stereotypes.


The pressure put on her by her family to get married and settle down, didn’t deter her from pursuing her dream of opening her own bakery. She didn’t yield to them to marry just another guy, she had her own ideas about that.

The marriage itself didn’t come in the way of her career, she persevered to do better, picking up the tricks of trade and expanding her business. And, she did all this without anyone’s support. She taught us a lesson about independence and perseverance.

Stood by her dream

Bommi was also vocal about equality between partners.

Her dialogue about both of them having dreams and having to work hard to make it big in their respective careers, is testimony to the fact that she didn’t think that women had to take a back seat, and be content managing the household after marriage. If Maara had a dream, so had she!

A confident, financially independent woman

Another lesson she taught was about financial security. If the men of the family needed financial support, who could render it, if the women weren’t working? Her dialogue, “It isn’t your money, my money, it is our money” was sweet, but also only what a self-confident woman can mouth.

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Bommi funding Maara’s venture was a subtle lesson on domestic financial security and equality.

A pillar of support

Bommi also was an answer to the society that considers women with their own mind and who stand their ground to be evil. She was the pillar of support to her husband, at times of distress, even being a motivation to him. There wouldn’t have been a Maara without Bommi (behind every successful man, there is a woman!)

The national award for the best actress is a recognition to the bold Bommi, a push to other Bommis to come up in life!

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