How Dare You Take Off Without Getting Married!

You're about to leave your comfort zone in 10 days for work, and all you get to hear on next morning is your parents bitching about you.

You’re about to leave your comfort zone in 10 days for work, and all you get to hear on next morning is your parents bitching about you. You must be wondering the reasons behind it, as for what sin did I commit. So the sin was to dream to live an independent life, become able enough to sustain me, and deny their arranged marriage prospects.

Not a single conversation I remember having with them while the time I spent at home, didn’t involve discussing my marriage. They had no other topic to talk about with me.

During this same phase at home, I tried ignoring all the negative vibes, I used to lock myself up and focus on preparing for some competitive exams. As they got over, I decided to go out and start working as I could just not sit at home and dream about living an independent life away from this toxicity.

Just to give you a background understanding, there is hardly any woman in my entire family who was employed and independent. So every relative I ever met had only one concern about me – when I’m going to get married? I know, I know, how cliché and typical this problem may sound to you of any Indian girl. But it was a tough situation to fight against without any support system.

All my life I struggled to achieve good merits which would help me build a good career. But now when the time had come to utilize it in the best possible manner, all one gets to hear from her mother one morning is how selfish I am and how I want them to carry my responsibilities all my life, that too when I was down with covid.

At that moment, I just couldn’t fight back the tears that rolled down my cheeks and nose. How much I should keep on listening to? There has to be a threshold to it. They don’t understand the fact that I’ve been putting so much effort to become self-reliant and not ‘selfish’. At that moment I wished, to rush through those 10 days and fly off breaking all shackles, from the prison I was captured inside and spread my wings as I’m supposed to.

To add to my list of adversities, there was Covid 3rd wave, making me rethink my plan of travelling to another place for working. Although I’m trying to remain positive amongst all adversities, it is mentally quite draining – to dream about starting my new life without any support system, like how many would dare to do that.

If any of my stories ever inspire any of you to take that leap of faith in yourself towards achieving your goals, then do comment below, at least that would make my day.

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