One Hair Spa And A Lesson That I Will Never Forget…

I paid him 1000, but he kept on insisting and seized my debit card and denied returning it. Now he had crossed his line.

Whenever I try to build faith in the existence of goodness in this world, it tests my faith. What today happened today on April fool’s day makes me wonder, is there anyone who’s not trying to make you a fool. Is there anyone to be trusted in this world?

I was thinking of going out to my hair spa for a few days. I had some free time today in the evening to go get one. I went alone by myself as none was there to accompany me. A friend had suggested one place so I went there.
There were two salons right in front of each other. I went into the left one.

There was this guy in grey hair sitting on the reception counter. I went to him and told him that I wanted to get a hair spa done. He told me the rates, I said it’s double the rate I expected. Then he started suggesting to get keratin done. I told him it’s a hair straightening process which I didn’t want. He then started manipulating me by saying things like ‘ it’s not a hair straightening process instead it’s better than a spa.’ In addition to that started suggesting to get hair color and hair cut also done.

I don’t know what spell of marketing strategies he cast on me that I got convinced and trusted his words, ‘I guarantee it would look great upon me.’
It was a 3-hour long process that began. While I kept watching my hair undergo all those chemical processes, meanwhile expecting some magic to happen that would completely give me an amazing makeover. At least did I expect that I was being made a big April Fool.

After being shampooed, colored, and highlighting a few strands which I never really wanted, they started with that painful keratin treatment which released a suffocating odor that made me cover all my sensory glands i.e eyes, nose, mouth for one long hour. After seeing glimpses of results being reflected in the mirror, I was startled and shrieked at the guy for what he did to my hair. I had told him that I didn’t want straight hair. But this cunning guy thought he’ll make a fool out of me.

As the process ended, he went to the counter to prepare the bill of Rs 7000, while I had come mentally prepared to spend a maximum of Rs.1000 only. I told him it was too much and I’ll give him Rs. 1000 only . To which his behavior changed like a chameleon and he became adamant that he wouldn’t lower the price even a penny and I’ll have to pay Rs.7000.

While I was dissatisfied with the results on my hair which he promised to give, I was very much reluctant to pay him that amount. I paid him 1000, but he kept on insisting and seized my debit card and denied returning it. Now he had crossed his line. I had to call my father who I knew would be too angry with me for coming to the salon. While I waited for him to come, I sat there in anticipation, took pictures of the salon for posting worst reviews and complaint purposes.

I went down to wait alongside the main road. Four of them stood behind me on the road along with their manager that who had called to have an eye on me. It was already dark and I was getting scared as I was an alone girl on the road. My father along with my agitated brother reached the spot after 15 minutes which brought back my sense of courage. I could finally take a sigh of relief.

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They dealt with that guy and his manager. It was followed by heated arguments from both sides. On one side my father was angry at them for their behavior with me, on the other hand, he was furious at me for getting into such troubles. After giving multiple warnings of calling the cops for harassing a girl, they finally settled for Rs 2000, although I didn’t feel like spending another penny for such a pathetic experience.

It was already quite late. And we left from there for our home, while receiving equal scolding on my way back. I had learned my lesson. From that day onwards, I never dared to go for any such parlour treatment and started following natural and affordable ways of maintaining my hair. I started embracing my natural hair growth.

Image Source: Claudiad from Getty Images Signature, Canva Pro

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