Best Games for Women on MPL

With the increase in Smartphone users, a significant increase in women gamers has been witnessed over the years

Mobile Premier League has taken a giant leap to deliver a multi-gaming app interface where women can find exceptional options to download and enjoy as pastimes.

Mobile games are developed following the demography of the target audiences. Most games are designed without any gender bias, and anyone can download and play them. With the increase in Smartphone users, a significant increase in women gamers has been witnessed over the years.

Only the top game developing brands can understand the diversity of gaming interfaces to attract men and women for downloading and playing mobile games. This is where Mobile Premier League has taken a giant leap to deliver a multi-gaming app interface where women can find exceptional options to download and enjoy as pastimes.

Top games on MPL for women

1. MPL Fantasy Cricket

Download MPL fantasy cricket app, one of the most popular among womenfolk, and discover the features of its unique platform to build a cricket team with the players of your choice. More than six crore Indians trust and use this app to compete on the fantasy cricket platform and enjoy the thrill of winning big.

You can easily track the performances of the chosen cricketers as per the latest cricket events. You can also make changes according to your analysis and score high. So play with your gal pals and live the excitement of competing at ODI, Test, T20, T10, and other cricketing levels.

2. World Cricket Championship 2 (WCC2)

WCC2 is one of the most popular cricket-simulating game apps where you can build your team, challenge your friends in different cricketing formats, and enjoy the bliss of playing cricket online. This advanced 3D mobile cricket app delivers exclusive audio and visual effects and animations such as stadiums, batting styles, bowling actions, fielding, wicket keeping, etc, and keeps you engaged in your leisure.

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Pay offline with an intelligent Artificial Intelligence-driven opponent and practice. It has more than 40 different camera angles and manual fielding placement features, offering a virtual-realistic fun of cricketing.

3. Bubble Shooter

Bubble Shooter is one of a kind arcade-cum-puzzle app you will discover in this multi-gaming platform. In this game, you will find a bubble shooter lodged at the bottom line of the screen and bubbles of different colors emerging from the top. All you have to do is to master shooting bubbles from the shooter and bring down the clusters.

Each level offers a new challenge to complete and score high points. This game’s interface also adds special bubbles to bring down clusters and multiple the score. Immerse yourself in the exclusive and interactive animations and sound effects and make it a stress-releasing pastime. Participate in the tournaments conducted by this app and win big.

4. Fruit Chop

Slicing and chopping fruits, appearing on the screen, making combo moves offer high-level satisfaction. Fruit Chop is the perfect arcade game you can play on MPL anytime. This game app offers a brilliant interface with a short learning curve. You will get a virtual blade to cut the fruits appearing on the screen and accomplish the goals set at every level.

This game might sound easy, but the levels become more challenging as you proceed. Challenge your quick reflexes by aiming your blade to slice the designated fruits. You might even miss a life if you fail to chop specific fruits or when you slice a bomb.

5. Carrom

The fun of gaming online with friends offers a different level of satisfaction and thrill. For this, carrom is the best board game you can play online with your pals. This game has an intelligent interface where you will find smooth board and coin physics to control. You will get a striker to break in and start scoring by putting the designated coins in the pocket.

There are different modes to play and enjoy with your friends. You can also play with strangers online and participate in the tournaments conducted by this carrom app. Download this game app and invite your friends to play 1 Vs. 1 and 2 Vs. 2 matches.

6. 8 Ball Pool

Another fascinating casual game to download from this platform is 8 Ball Pool. The animations and the board designs make it a brilliant pastime to de-stress. This game is quite popular among users of all ages. You can easily learn how to play 8 Ball and start challenging your friends over a board or two.

You can also play offline with the AI-driven interface and add skills. A total of 15 object balls and a cue ball will be stacked on the board. You will get a cue stick to a position, make the right angle, adjust the power, and strike the cue ball to hit an object ball and pocket it. The gameplay is quite immersive and engaging for women pool enthusiasts.

7. Card games

Playing cards is not only fun but also a platform to sharpen your analytical skills. There are three different card games you can play on MPL. The rules of playing Rummy, Poker, and Call Break are explained well on the website.

By downloading this app, you can invite your friends and play these card games in your leisure. Challenge your friends over a round of cards on a chosen gaming platform and seek the thrill of playing cards.

8. Sudoku

Challenge your intellect by playing Sudoku, a Japanese number puzzle game, and flaunt your prowess to the rest. This game is quite engaging as you have to adjust numbers 1 to 9 on a square grid without repeating them. There are nine such grids aligned to form a bigger square. You have to focus on the fact that you cannot repeat a number on the horizontal and vertical lines or in the small square set.

Download MPL games and get thrilled!

Become a part of the clan enjoying these fascinating games and challenge your intellect. Show your skills on the gaming apps and score the highest. Invite your friends and make this a daily pastime activity to de-stress. For women, MPL is the ideal platform to discover such engaging game apps.

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