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Term Plan with Return of Premium: Meaning, Benefits and How It Works

Posted: July 15, 2021

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Before you purchase a term insurance plan, you need to clearly understand the coverage offered and how many returns of premium you get.

A term insurance plan is said to be beneficial when the insurer gets good coverage and a return of premium. Though most insurers provide you with good returns, it is still advised that you buy insurance from reputable and trusted insurers with a good claim settlement ratio.

Similarly, before you purchase a term insurance plan, you need to clearly understand the coverage offered and how many returns of premium you get. This can help you select the apt term insurance plan that meets your financial requirement. This article is all about knowing the term plan with return of premium (TROP) insurances, its benefits, and how it works.

What is Term Insurance With Return Of Premium?

TROP or Term Plan with Return Of Premium is the same as that of a standard term plan, which comes with a coverage and death benefit to the policyholders. Apart from financial security, the policy beneficiary is offered an assured premium return, where the total premium paid during the policy period is paid back to the policyholder.

Benefits Of Term Plan With Return Of Premium

Term insurance with return of premium offers maturity benefit as a premium return in addition to the death benefit. Here are some of the notable benefits of buying a term plan with return of premium.

1. Death Benefit

When an individual buys a standard insurance plan, he gets life coverage with financial security for his family against any unforeseen events. The death benefit offered with the term plan with return of premium variant of the term plan helps the family get financially secured against the sudden loss of the family member.

2. Return Of Premium Benefit

Not every insurer offer TROP benefit to their policyholders. Hence many policy buyers look for buying a term plan that offers maximum coverage and benefits. That’s where Max Life insurance stands unique with their Max Life Smart Term plan where the policyholder gets return of premium, in case they survive the policy tenure.

3. Tax Benefits

Buying term insurance with a return of premium offers tax benefits to the policyholder, under Section 80C and 10 (10D). That being said, the premium paid towards the term plan and the return of the premium amount is tax-free. As per the rule, you get a tax deduction of up to Rs 1.5 lakhs on the premium paid for the term plan with return of premium.

4. Paid-Up Value

If the policyholder is unable to pay the premium, the term plan continues, with a lower cover. Certain insurers provide this benefit only after paying a premium for a minimum number of years.

5. Riders In Addition To Principal Cover

These include accident or disability rider, critical illness rider, etc.; if the insured has met with an unforeseen accident causing severe injuries, disabilities, or even death, the insured is offered a certain benefit.

Term Insurance With Return Of Premium – How It Works?

For instance, Mr. Ramesh purchased a term plan with return of premium for a sum assured of Rs 1 crore. His premium was Rs. 25000 per annum for 30 years. On the sudden demise of Mr. Ramesh before 30 years, his family will receive Rs. 1 crore. But if Mr. Ramesh is alive and completes the policy tenure of 30 years, he will receive the entire premium payment back.

Note that you need to buy a term plan at an early age – your premium amount is determined based on your age. The younger the age, the better the premium amount will be. Premiums can increases between 4-8% each year after your birthday. At later ages, you are at risk of getting your policy rejected or the premium amount increasing by 50%. This can even go more if you have a lifestyle disease.

Who Can Avail The Term Plan With Return Of Premium?

  • If you are single – with term plan, you can secure the financial future of your family in the long run.
  • If you are married with no kids – in case of your absence, your spouse shouldn’t be suffering from the financial liabilities incurred therein.
  • If you are married and have kids – now that you are a family person, it becomes more important for you to protect their needs and wants. A term plan with return of premium helps to secure their needs financially even if you are not there.

When term insurance comparison is made with term plan for return of premium, it is clearly defined that a small investment in the term plan with a return of premium, not only secures your family but also ensures that you get back the entire amount invested in the insurance if you complete the tenure.

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