Know Why Your Car’s Intercooler is Important

Intercoolers can vary in design, shape, size, and position depending on the space within the car and the performance required.

Intercoolers can vary in design, shape, size, and position depending on the space within the car and the performance required.

Many might be familiar with the term intercooler. The intercooler is the metallic component that is generally situated at the bumper opening of a car. It is generally positioned between the engine and the turbocharger of your automobile. However, they can vary in design, shape, size, and position depending on the space within the car and the performance required.

While they are generally found as Front Mounted Intercoolers or FMIC, they can also come as Hybrid Mount Intercoolers or HMIC and Top Mounted Intercoolers or TMIC. Intercoolers often need to be changed due to damages or intense wear and tear. You can find good quality intercoolers from at very affordable rates. But first, let us understand what intercoolers are.

What are Intercoolers?

An intercooler is a metal device that is installed in our vehicle to act as an air cooling machine. The intercooler is mostly necessary for supercharged and turbocharged engines. It cools the compressed air, increasing its density and reducing its temperature before the air passes into the engine.

Types of Intercoolers

There are mainly two types of intercoolers for automobiles-

1- Air-to-Air Intercooler- Heat is extracted in an air-to-air intercooler with the help of a series of tubes with cooling fans. The compressed air gets passed through the intercooler, transferring the heat to the tubes and finally through the cooling fans. As the cool air gets passed at a high speed through the cooling fan, the compressed air temperature reduces. This is the most widely used type of intercooler due to its low cost, lightweight, and simplicity. However, it does require a longer intake length due to its position in front of the car.

2- Air-to-Water Intercooler- Air-to-water intercoolers are smaller than air-to-air ones. They use water to transfer heat from compressed air. Coldwater is passed through the intercooler, which transfers the heat from the compressed air while passing through it. The heated water then passes through a cooling circuit and the compressed cooled air passes to the engine. This may be better suited for cars that have smaller spaces. While water is a better heat transfer agent than air, this intercooler is certainly more expensive and is mostly suitable for rear-engined cars.

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Now that we are familiar with the different types of intercoolers, let us understand their purpose and importance.

Importance and Purpose of Intercoolers

The main importance of having an intercooler in your automobile is –

  • Intercoolers are required to decrease the temperature and increase the density of compressed air before passing it into the engine. If it is not cooled, high-temperature compressed air can lead to overheating and knocking, causing heavy engine noise and vibrations.
  • The presence of an intercooler ensures more fuel and air which leads to more power in your engine.
  • Intercoolers ensure that the engine can work efficiently. The main purpose of an intercooler is to pass cooled compressed air into the engine. If your intercooler is damaged or has any leaks, warm compressed air will enter the engine, leading to overheating issues and disruption in its functions.
  • Intercoolers often contain small amounts of chemicals or ice to increase the efficiency of the engine. While this does increase the engine’s efficiency, it is a short-lived advantage.
  • Intercoolers are specifically required for supercharged and turbocharged engines to ensure there is no lag.
  • Intercoolers can be placed in the front end near the bumper or on the rear end depending on the type of car you are using.
  • Intercoolers are responsible for the well-being and proper functioning of your car. So you should make sure that there are no leakages, damages, or clogging. This will lead to overheating of your engine, leading to engine failure.

An intercooler is an integral automotive. So here are some signs you should look out for to detect if there is any damage in your intercooler.

  • Radiator failure or leakage of coolant is a major sign that your intercooler is not performing properly.
  • If you notice a significant drop in your engine power, you should consider checking your intercooler.
  • If you notice any unnatural smoke from the exhaust of your car, there might be some damages to your intercooler.
  • If you notice a significant increase in fuel consumption of your car, consider getting your intercooler checked.

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To conclude, we can say that intercoolers are very important auto parts. We hope this article can convey how important this automotive is so that you can take proper care of it. Also, based on the above-mentioned article, you will know the types of intercoolers available in the market and thus choose one for your automobile if your intercooler needs to be changed.

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