‘Quench Your Lust With Your Eyes’ Blatant RW YouTube Channel Sexualises Pics Of Women Celebrating Eid

A 'private' video that sexualised Pakistani women celebrating Eid online was put up by an RW Youtube channel Liberal Doge.

A ‘private’ video that sexualised Pakistani women celebrating Eid online was put up by an RW Youtube channel Liberal Doge.

The recent case of sexualizing Pakistani and Indian women on Eid by a right wing YouTube channel- Liberal Doge has shown yet another face of regressive Indian mindset.

Masquerading themselves as ‘warriors’ of the right wing, the channel streamed a youtube live on May 13 with the purpose of sexualising young women and ranking them on basis of their appearance.

‘Quench your lust with your own eyes’

The stream’s description read as “Quench your lust with your own eyes” titled as- Pakistan Girls Review ft. Keshu. They didn’t just stop at objectifying women but flamboyantly auctioned them virtually!

The channel with more than 10K subscribers and filled with Islamophobic content drew attention when the recording of the live stream was shared on different platforms and the flagrant act was called out by senior journalists and various people on twitter.

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The micro clips of the live stream which are doing rounds on various social media platforms can be accessed easily and the parts like- ‘Iske toh flat hai’ (Her’s are flat), Iske sath maza ayaega (There will be fun with her), etc. are easily audible. Many Pakistani women were forced to make their account private after the sordid act was pulled out by the channel in the name of acrimony against a particular religion.

‘Warriors of Hindutva’ come out ‘in support’ of this horrific abuse

Numerous people came out in support of the Liberal Doge page, whose videos were made private after the complaints and action were initiated against him.


The supporters called themselves as ‘Warriors of Hindutva’ and called for the protection of a ‘Hindu Creator’ for the sake of ‘Hindu Rashtra’, blatantly veiling the crime the channel has committed. With no remorse or whatsoever the admin of the page called for donations via his UPI and people in the comment section not only supported it, but also slandered anyone who publicly called out the shameless offence committed by the channel.

Many Youtube channels like Sanatani Knights made a video publicly supporting Liberal Doge and whosoever called out the immorality was made silent by abuses.

Entitled impunity of unchecked men

The paradox of the whole incident lies in the fact that the channel and its supporters call themselves the followers of ‘Sanatan Dharma’ and devotees of Lord Ram, but they openly justified sexualizing women who were mostly minors. The ‘warriors’ of a peace-loving religion failed to learn the teachings of the same and their malicious mindset, supercilious nature, heart filled with hatred and jingoism made them believe that it is justified to call out women who are either ‘too western/liberal’ for them or are from another country.

The vindication the channel received is another proof that how the seeds of extremism and nationalism are rapidly turning the minds of young men into a cactus, especially for women with maverick thinking. The lack of fear of any action against them and the uncalled yet definite support of thousands have kept them safe in a bubble for years.

They feel women can be abused without any fear

The shame that such people brought to our country is a non-compoundable offence but unfortunately not new.

Indian women especially influencers or content creators face such derogatory remarks in hundreds on their social media account. Where some women call out their perpetrators openly others remain silent, refraining from the futile conversation. The effect on mental health caused by such normalization of abuses and sexualization causes trepidation and also lowers self-esteem forcing women to seclude themselves.

They have no fear of the Law and Judiciary, these are just another term for them, and their callous nature towards the people who call them out for their hypocrisy, and the protection they enjoy in the virtual world due to fake identities is another reason of their increasing audacity. Women are tired and exhausted of fighting against the normalized cyberbullying, sexualization but the increasing justifications in the name of religion and ideology have made this fight a futile battleground for women with no scope of living as an individual.

Image source: Twitter

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