Hypocritical Sanskari Men, Why Is Sanskaar Meant Only For Women?

Hypocritical, having double standards, unfairly judging women - our 'Sanskari uncles' need to take a good hard look at themselves.

Hypocritical, having double standards, unfairly judging women – our ‘Sanskari uncles’ need to take a good hard look at themselves.

I didn’t have any idea that Facebook is flooded with short videos, and that one can even create Tik Tok-like videos on this platform. At first, I found some of these videos funny but then some videos really shocked me.

The shock came after watching some of the content, which was obscene, abusive, regressive and in some cases, plain violent. Many were on breaking the traffic rules and escaping the police, showing off VIP passes, firing guns, doing extremely dangerous car stunts, kissing/hitting strangers in the name of pranks, filming people secretly (like the man who filmed his wife without her knowledge while she was cleaning the ceiling!).

I think Facebook must regulate the video content being shown on it, as this platform is free and easily accessible to children. On Facebook, the videos just pop up one after another without the user needing to search for specific content (unlike Youtube). It really is a concern and  Facebook must look into regulating it.

Of Sanskari Men And Their Actions

The next thing which concerned me was teenage girls flaunting their bodies, making seductive gestures. At first, I was too embarrassed to have seen this, but then, I just went through the comments section. Now I was embarrassed, disgusted and shocked all at the same time. I was down for a moment at the sheer spread of vulgar language used! 

Men of all ages were either making fun of her or using very abusive language for her. The words can be cited as examples of ‘cyber molesting’. They were like ‘this girl is so “gair sankari”, (Against our culture), she is wasting parents money’, ‘this papa ki pari aspires to be on the top of everyone’, using all kinds of slang related to her body. They also said, ‘Yehi sanskar hain iske!’ (“This is her culture”)

Hypocritical much?

I just wanted to ask all these so-called ‘Sanskari’ men, “Why in the first place did you watch this video, plus comment on it if it were so ‘Gair Sanskari’? Why?” Oh yes! They will typically reply, ”Jab kisi ko dikhane me sharm nahi hai to hum dekhne me kyun sharm kare?” (Why should we feel ashamed to watch when someone is making these videos?)

And how can I forget the boys who are making videos of performing stunts mid-street, escaping the police, kissing girls forcibly, filming a girl’s body without her knowledge… they are all very sanskari! Absolutely right! But then, it is so hypocritical of you to talk about sanskar while watching gair sanskari stuff, isn’t it!

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Excuse me, Sanskari Uncle?

If these men truly feel that with their abusive words, and ‘eye opening’ language, the concerned girl will get hurt, cry, realise her bad ‘karma’ and stop making such videos…the girls have something to say to you.”Know what Sanskari Uncle? You have so much of sanskar in you that you are deprived, undernourished, really made for solitude and meant to just F*** off!”

Top image is a still from the movie Vivaah

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