A Zara Hatke Review Of Pagglait With Some *Life* Lessons For You!

After watching Sanya Malhotra's Pagglait, I realised that it had lessons too! So here is a zara hatke life lesson filled review for you!

After watching Sanya Malhotra’s Pagglait, I realised that it had lessons too! So here is a zara hatke life lesson filled review for you!

I watched Pagglait. After watching the trailer, I had liked it. There was something about Sanya’s expressive eyes that drew me towards the movie. 

Overall, the movie was enjoyable. Well, as a viewer, I did feel the script losing its substance at some point. (This happens when an overzealous scriptwriter tries to coax a paper-thin storyline to handle too many issues)

And please, can the movies stop promoting teenage romance? It’s dangerous and has a negative impact on young vulnerable minds. 

The storyline in a gist

The movie begins with the residents of Shanti Kunj grieving the sudden demise of their newly married elder son Astik, who also happened to be the sole breadwinner of the family. 

As a viewer, your heart will go out to the mourning parents, (Ashutosh Rana and Sheeba Chaddha). There are a few silent moments between the couple amidst the chaos and clamour in the house, that has the power to melt even a stone-hearted person.

By the way, I didn’t see any representative from the grieving mother’s side. I expected it and would have appreciated it from a director who didn’t miss on squeezing in a Hindu-Muslim angle into the tiny script.

 After about 10 minutes, the camera slowly turns towards Sandhya, Astik’s wife of five months – a widow now, who shows no sign of bereavement.

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I do have some observations about the movie

Come on! What more can you expect from someone who was into a loveless marriage. As a viewer, I could empathise with her. Sanya has done a great job, and you must watch this movie for her.

I won’t be getting deeper into the storyline as I want my readers to watch it and come up with their own viewpoints.

However, I am here to share my observations of the movie. Some good points, myths about the corporate world that I want to bust for the young readers (I know we have plenty of them on this platform). And also some important financial angles that I would prefer to highlight upon.

Though a mediocre script, I could see it subtly unfolding a lot of practical issues apart from promoting the glossy image of the corporate world.

So here you go, dear readers,

Don’t be tied down by the titles!

For my young readers: Sandhya shows Akanksha’s (Astik’s ex-girlfriend)  visiting card to her friend Nazia, with the words ‘Vice-President Marketing’ printed in bold letters.

My advice to the aspiring candidates of the corporate world – a quick reality check buddies. Don’t attach too much importance to designations, give importance to the profile that you would get to handle.

Every industry has its own set of titles. In some companies you’ll be called Sales Manager, in others, it is Sales Director, Marketing Director or Vice President. But the fact remains unchanged, everywhere you will be given targets and you have to strive to achieve it. Period!  

Ultimately, you have to work your ass off to move up the corporate ladder and this holds true for everyone. The cabin culture is obsolete, believe me! 

You might end up getting one, irrespective of your gender after spending a substantial time in the industry/company.

So beware of such a glossy, glamorous image that you might end up carrying about the corporate world after watching the film. 

Be cautious when you invest in a house!

Oh, by the way, I fell in love with Akanksha’s house. Awesome lake-facing view, a modular kitchen with spacious rooms. This is what normal people dream of as their retirement home. I mean, seriously!

Oh yes! One can decide to buy their dream house anytime. If you have the budget in place, nobody can really stop you.

But be very cautious while investing in one. Do a thorough study of the real estate prices, property’s title clearance, the list of builders, their reputation in the market. The availability of Bank loan (whether to opt for fixed or floating interest), EMI calculations also need to be checked. You have to be sure before pumping in your hard-earned money to buy a property. 

Also, arranged marriages are not all bad, just make sure you have a good courtship period to understand each other. And girls, marriage doesn’t end one’s careers.

Furthermore, we need to think beyond jobs, don’t hesitate to awaken the sleeping entrepreneur in you! Who knows you might end up owning a cabin too.

Be systematic like Astik

I liked the fact that Astik was a very systematic person. And this attitude is a must while handling financial matters! That helps not just the individual but also their dear ones in case of unforeseen circumstances like the one in the movie.

Make sure you have your nominees mentioned in all the financial and investment documents. It’s imperative for anyone irrespective of their marital status. However once married, it becomes a moral responsibility to make your spouse an integral part of the beneficiary list for all the financial investments made by you.

Be transparent in dealing with such aspects with your spouse.

By the way, I was stunned to see such a proactive and sincere insurance company and its representative. It’s hard to find such sincere ones in reality, especially for the schemes pertaining to life. (Oops! Apologies for the sarcasm)

Plan your retirement wisely

One needs to be very focused and foresighted in planning the fund pool for old age.

Do not be like Shivendra Giri, who depended on his son for the finances after retirement. It is the parents’ responsibility to give the child a good education but nothing beyond that. Make sure to safeguard your future by investing prudently.

Do your research and if possible appoint a good financial advisor to help you plan one. 

There are a plethora of financial instruments, right from shares, small cases, Mutual funds, bonds, ETFs etc to park one’s funds. All of them give good returns. One needs to be sure about their risk-taking ability and invest accordingly.

It’s pertinent to keep oneself abreast with the latest innovations happening in the world of technology.

 Be open to change and keep learning, since change is the only constant.

Author’s note: Hope this review was helpful. Do watch the movie and don’t forget to share your views too. 

Picture credits: Still from the movie Pagglait




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