India Love Project On Instagram Celebrates Real Life Stories Across Faith And Caste Lines

India Love Project is an Instagram page that showcases inspiring real life stories, which celebrate love across man-made faith and caste lines.

India Love Project is an Instagram page that showcases inspiring real life stories, which celebrate love across man-made faith and caste lines.

Recently a Tanishq ad celebrating interfaith marriage was criticized heavily. The criticism was so bad that the makers had to bring down the ad.

This is not the first time that there has been intolerance toward interfaith marriage because of the idea of ‘Love-Jihad’, that opposes Hindu women marrying Muslim men. Amidst this, India Love Project is an initiative which is celebrating interfaith love.

India Love project – celebrating love in the age of hate

Here, we often tend to forget that India is a country where people follow many different religions. An Instagram page India Love Project is making us realize the love that resides within India amidst all the hate.

Lata Singh and Brahma Nand Gupta Image source link

India Love Project was started by Priya Ramani, Samar Halarnkar & Niloufer Venkatraman as an Instagram page that shares stories of love,  that celebrate love and marriage outside the shackles of faith, caste, ethnicity and gender.

India love project

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Salma and TM Veeraraghav Image source link

The page, since it was launched, has been a huge hit because of its heartwarming stories of real life couples. Within a span of a few days after its launch, India Love Project has gained more than 4000 followers on Instagram.

Real life stories driven by the emotion of love

“I saw his kind heart, gentle demeanour, intellectual compatibility, and deep affection for me. I couldn’t let him go just because he prayed to a different god and spoke a different language.”

Maria Manjil and Sandeep Jain Image source link 

It isn’t even as if it is something that is a recent phenomenon. The couple below have been together since 30 years despite all societal obligations. They have three children and taught them to be proud of both of their identities rather than religion.

India Love project

Bakhtawar Master and S Venkatraman Image source link

In this story below, with phrases like “love jihad” and “rice bag converts” blaring on TV screens, it took the couple 7 agonising years to get their love accepted. But in the end, in September 2020 with their families standing right beside them, they got married.

Martina Roy and Zain Anwar Image source link

The stories highlight issues of taboo around interfaith/ intercaste/ inter-community marriages, societal backlash, toxicity, and how even with all these issues, love is what wins in the end.

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